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Jeremy R. Gilby

May 13, 2015

WordPress 4.2.2

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From the "Four-point-two-point-two" Department

After much urging from the developers at WordPress, (2 emails sent to my domain name) I finally decided to upgrade my self-installation.

You may remember my last update was Version 3.8.3, and I was starting to get about a dozen spam comments a day (up from two or three a week). So it was probably time for an upgrade.

In my old age, I’m hesitant, now, to update/upgrade to the latest version, because while new features are neat, I find functionality falls away to user-friendliness. And this compounds version over version.

April 21, 2015

A Case for Introverts

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From the "Don't-let-the-World-change-who-you-are; Change-the-World" Department

I’ve talked about my introversion before, and my angst about living in an extrovert world. (I’ve also talked about being tall person, and living in a short person’s world. The parallels are fascinating).

In my unfrequent perusal of Twitter, one of the web authors I follow is Katherine Timpf, a rather snarky analyzer on things feminism.

She published the following article on NRO:

People Now Whining that Extroverts Have ‘Social Privilege’

It is criticism of another article on **shudder** EveryDayFeminism-dot-com:
6 Examples of How Extroverts Benefit From Their Social Privilege

You might be surprised to note, I do not agree with the original author’s analysis.

March 22, 2015

Jane Austin’s Punch of Persuasion

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From the "Works-better-than-Pride-or-Prejudice -or- Jane-Austin's-Punch-in-the-Face" Department

Another occasion arrived and the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Vicinity celebrated another birthday in the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com circle of friends.

This time was “Bear” @BearIsAPerson.

The organizer of the party (The-Not-So-Nameless-Not-So-County-Employee) approached me earlier to solicit a punch, and I was glad to accept. The only clue I got for the event, was “gin”.

So Jeremy’s Test Bar went to work.

February 27, 2015

Leonard Nimoy :: March 26, 1931 – February 27, 2015

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From the "I-am-and-forever-shall-be-your-friend" Department

Star Trek was and is a large part of my life. It has been hard to see the cast of the Original Series depart, more so for Leonard Nimoy.

February 1, 2015

SuperBowl IL (XLIX)

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From the "Settle-it-the-Usual-Way" Department

I knew going into the 49th Superbowl I really didn’t have a horse in the race.

I had equal reasons to like Seattle and to dislike them.

  • Best Defense
  • NFC Champion
  • No known issues with rogue PSI
  • vs

  • Pete Carrol is probably my least liked coach in the NFL
  • Marshawn Lynch, while a great athlete, was being quite the jerk
  • Richard Sherman

I was also curious to see what a Brady/Belichick style offense could do that the Broncos Manning-Style offense could not.

In the end, I found myself cheering for whomever was losing at that moment. I would be cheering for the Seahawks, then the Patriots, then in the end cheering for the Seahawks again.

Overall, the defense won the game. However, this time, it was New England’s Defense that had the final say.

January 31, 2015

A Tribute to Old Bay

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From the "I-See-Food-Then-I-Eat-it" Department

Its rare when I can stumble on an old tradition which I’ve enjoyed most of my life, but never really appreciated it until some random moment.

So there I was, grilling a chicken breast and looking through my spice cabinet I came across my trusty can of Old Bay Seasoning.

I’ve always had an affinity to Old Bay. I can trace it back to my youth. So while I was enjoying my tasty protein, expertly seasoned, I thought, I should use this downtime and look up the history of one of my favorite seasonings.

January 26, 2015

Winter Memories :: Pennridge High School :: Championship Hill

From the "Some-called-it-Suicide-Mountain" Department

Given the Winter Carnage that is about to strike the East Coast, I was listening to a not-so-recent news report that public places are banning sledding from their grounds.

I don’t know if the site is still open to sledding, but every snow, there was always a gathering of people climbing the ridge line from the Athletic Practice fields in the back 40 of the High School Grounds [I call it the back nine, because I actually shot a round of golf there]. I hope that happens when there is pretty much going to be a snow day tomorrow.

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