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Why I Like Best of the Web

July 31, 2012

The “New” Teflon President?

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From the "Why-I-Like-Best-of-the-Web: Reason-Number-47" Department

I’ve been mildly watching the 2012 Presidential Election, most of it has been boring for me.

Predictably, the Republicans put up Mitt Romney as their unofficial Nominnee.
And, Predictably, since he has nothing else to run on, Obama is still running against President Bush, who has not participated in an Election since 2004.
Barring that, Obama’s team (and this includes most of the Mass Media) have been playing Attack of the Day, to see what sticks. (Kind of a continuous Weather Balloon trick.)

June 19, 2012

Stop Me If You Heard This Before

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From the "Why-I-Like-Best-of-the-Web: Reason-Number-46" Department

I have often made this observation, silently, to myself, but it was encouraging to read it in yesterday’s Best of the Web Today.

Editor, James Taranto pointed out some very poignant articles regarding this Presidential Election.

May 22, 2012

SCOTUS :: Why I Like Best of the Web: Reason Number 45

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From the "If-you-don't-uphold-this-law, passed-on-a-party-line-vote, my-party-will-accuse-you-of-partisanship" Department

I was reading the latest Best of the Web Today and was amused by an anecdote at the end of the main dissertation of an article on the Left Wing attack of the potential Supreme Court rout of ObamaCare.

Those arguments left the left in a state of high anxiety, and The Wall Street Journal notes in an editorial today that Democratic politicians and liberal journalists are “making one last attempt to intimidate the Justices,” especially Chief Justice John Roberts:

Senate Judiciary Chairman Pat Leahy recently took the extraordinary step of publicly lobbying the Chief Justice after oral argument but before its ruling. “I trust that he will be a Chief Justice for all of us and that he has a strong institutional sense of the proper role of the judicial branch,” the Democrat declared on the Senate floor. “The conservative activism of recent years has not been good for the Court.”
He added that, “Given the ideological challenge to the Affordable Care Act and the extensive, supportive precedent, it would be extraordinary for the Supreme Court not to defer to Congress in this matter that so clearly affects interstate commerce.”

To summarize Leahy’s message: If you don’t uphold this law, passed on a party-line vote, my party will accuse you of partisanship. The intent is so transparent, and the argument so ridiculous, one is half-tempted to admire its sheer brazenness.


September 20, 2011

Killer Starfish!

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From the "And-in-the-year-2011, Starfish-struck-back!" Department

Saw this on yesterday’s Best of the Web Today and had to say something.

Wind Turbines Will Cause ‘Killer’ Starfish

The article linked is a commentary of another article on The Telegraph.

Apparently, Green Jobs cause Africanized Starfish.

August 30, 2011

Headlines That Should Not Be

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From the "Will-the-editor-of-the-NRO-please-call-their-office?" Department

I saw this in yesterdays Best of the Web Today, and after a lively dissertation on the Virginia Earthquake, and Hurricane Irene, the author, James Taranto, pointed out the following headline in the “Too Much Information” topic:

Will Gay Marriage Turn Anthony Weiner’s Seat Red?

December 8, 2010

Solar Land War

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From the "Bright-Bright-Sunshiney-Day" Department

I saw this story on Best of the Web Today.

November 12, 2009

The Hillary Curse

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From the "A-Life-Long-Yankees-Fan-from-Chicago" Department

I missed this commentary on the Almost-but-not-quite-the-most-boring-sport to watch, Baseball, and the significant World Series event of Late October and Early November.

It marked the end of what I, and others have called, the Hillary Clinton Curse.

January 30, 2008

One America

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From the "Today, under-George-W. Bush, there-is-one-America, not-Two; One" Department

One thing I noticed, after John “Silky” Edwards withdrew his quest for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Since the only candidate talking about “Two Americas” has left the race; this now signifies the United States can return to being “One America” again.

February 9, 2007

To All Political Hopefuls

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From the "From-Grill-Master-to-Blog-Master" Department

The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com are available to be blogmasters of your campaign site.

References available on request.

August 4, 2006

Low Fidelity?

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From the "I'm-not-dead-yet!" Department

Castro Proclamed himself in Stable Condition, the other day, on Cuban National TV. Thus thwarting speculation on the Castro Death Watch of 2006. At least for now.

He now joins other World Leaders in Stable Condition as Yassir Arafat has been in stable condition since he was pronounced dead in a Paris Hospital.

Hattip to Best of the Web [Tuesday]

July 24, 2006

For Good or For Awesome

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From the "Evil-wins-when-good-men-do-nothing" Department

This is a tired story, just like Bush’s misuse of the word Shiite:

As Reuters reports from St. Petersburg, Russia:

    A microphone picked up an unaware President Bush saying on Monday Syria should press Hezbollah to “stop doing this [scatological vulgarity]” and that his secretary of state may go to the Middle East soon.

Reuters, which considers terrorism taboo, actually quotes the vulgarity, which we’ve omitted, in part because this Web site is published by a family newspaper and in part because we’re not sure the president didn’t actually say “Shiite.”

…but once again, James Taranto of Best of the Web Today gave me a chuckle:

July 20, 2006

Cellular Residue

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From the "Riot-in-Cell-Block-Number-Nine" Department

I’ve heard a lot of differing opinions on the Embryonic Stem Cell debate, from both sides of the argument. And now that Dubya has used his first veto on a bill to provide Federal Funding to Embryonic Stem Cells, the debate has gotten louder.

I’m going to come right out and say that I’m against Embryonic Stem Cell research, for a plethora of reasons ranging from religious conviction to political disagreement and also scientific skepticism.

However, James Taranto of Best of the Web [Yesterday] has a great perspective on this whole argument, and I quote his article in full:

June 20, 2006

Calling all Presidential Schollars

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From the "Who-is-buried-in-Grant's-Tomb?" Department

Best of the Web Today tossed out this rather difficult presidential trivia quiz

I’ve got some of the answers, but obviously not all.

James Taranto has announced today that there is a winner, but has not published the answers. (Answers published on Thursday Night)

So I’m still toiling over it:

Any takers?

June 14, 2006

Milk Carton ad: Have you seen our Agenda?

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From the "How-plain-it-is-to-me-that-the-DNC-is-completely-out-of-touch" Department

Speaking of being out of touch, from Today’s Best of the Web:

There’s an Agenda in Here Somewhere
“With Republicans seeking to define Democrats by their votes on such hot-button issues as gay marriage, the estate tax and flag burning, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is arguing that Democrats need to tell voters about themselves before Republicans succeed in doing it for them,” reports the Hill:

    The time to criticize the Republicans’ “culture of corruption,” a Democratic refrain for nearly a year, is at an end, Pelosi said; Democrats need to begin promoting their own vision of America. . . .

    “What we have to do is define ourselves so that Republicans do not define us. This is a define-or-be-defined business that we’re in, so you can’t leave it out in the open,” Pelosi said.

And what is that vision?

    She outlined three areas where Democrats would seek to differentiate themselves from Republicans: integrity, civility and accountability. If Democrats were to take control of the House in November, their first actions would focus on promoting those values, she said.

    “These are not full-blown initiatives,” she cautioned.

She also said, “I’m even hard put to say what our agenda will be when we win.” Not exactly the Contract With America, is it?


April 7, 2006

Leaks or DeClassified?

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From the "I'm-so-glad-you-two-plumbers-showed-up!" Department

Lets read this Article from the Microsoft News Network:

WASHINGTON – Vice President Dick Cheney’s former top aide told prosecutors President Bush authorized the leak of sensitive intelligence information about Iraq, according to court papers filed by prosecutors in the CIA leak case.

The filing by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald also describes Cheney’s involvement in I. Lewis Libby’s communications with the press.

There was no indication in the filing that either Bush or Cheney authorized Libby to disclose Valerie Plame’s CIA identity. But it points to Cheney as one of the originators of the idea that Plame could be used to discredit her husband, Bush administration critic Joseph Wilson.

Wow, the White House is really in hot water here, aren’t they? Cheney told Libby to out Valerie “Double-0 Nothing” Plame?
But wait… what was “leaked”? MSNBC doesn’t really say.

More Updates: 2:00 PM

March 21, 2006

The Butterfield Paradox

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From the "My-Spending-is-reduced, despite-a-steady-accumulation-of-wealth-in-my-savings-account" Department

Fox Butterfield is the now-retired Crime Reporter for the New York Times; and unfortunately the subject of a major joke at his expense.

What is the joke you say?

Well, it is something that James Taranto of Best of the Web Today calls “The Butterfield Effect”

To put simply, Fox Butterfield has a concern that there is an increasing population of criminal inmates in prison, despite a reduced crime rate.

March 1, 2006

Homer nods

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From the "Freedom-of-Speech, Religion, Press, Assembly and DOH!" Department

Americans apparently know more about “The Simpsons” than they do about the First Amendment.

From Breit-Bart-dot-com

Hattip: Wizbang

February 3, 2006

What Unemployment?

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From the "Strongerathomerespectedintheworld" Department

In Case you missed it, there was a reported drop in Unemployment today.
No, I didn’t see it on the news either.

But thanks to the art of parody, we have some journalistic evidence!

Low Jobless Rate Leaves Workers Too Tired to Shop

January 24, 2006

Moon Patrol

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From the "I'm-a-man-on-a-mission, get-down-on-the-dance-floor; the-final-inquisition and-the-crowd-wants-more-and-more" Department

To continue a conversation from the Previous Post (which turned into an amusing analogy between the SCOTUS nominations and the NFL Draft); I learned something yesterday.

The question was, why is there such an opposition to President Bush, and why is there such a change?

January 13, 2006

Attack of the Crimson Epidermals

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From the "A-Left-Coast-Epidermic" Department

Since I pretty much cannot talk about the Philadelphia Eagles for almost a year, I might as well make fun of a rather interesting convergence of Football and Politics. It is called the Washington Redskins vs. the Seattle Seahawks; or as the Seattle Times refers to Washington [D.C.] vs. Seattle [Washington].

Only on the Left-Coast could something like this happen:

To avoid insulting native American heritage, the Seattle Times decided to limit severely the use of the term Redskins in the paper — even if a team with that name will dominate news coverage this week. The Times will not use the moniker in headlines or captions. Reporters can use it only once, as a first reference, in all stories. The Redskins will be referred to almost exclusively as Washington — which could get a little confusing for local readers who also live in that state.

Hattip: Wizbang

October 20, 2005

Chuck the Knife

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From the "Joke-and-Dagger" Department

The last article of Best of the Web Yesterday, features a little fun at the expense of Chuck “The Dagger” Schumer.

It seems Chuck is overusing a metaphor:

September 29, 2005

SCOTUS: Bush Nomination 1.5: John Roberts Confirmed as New Chief Justice

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From the "No-surprises-here" Department


So who voted no? Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com has the answer:

September 19, 2005

You’re the Dread Pirate [Judge] Roberts, admit it.

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From the "Have-you-ever-considered-the-judiciary? You'd-make-a-wonderful-Dread-Pirate-Judge-Roberts." Department

Thanks to James Taranto of Best of the Web Today, for this update to International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day.

It ties the Supreme Court hearings with our favorite holiday of the day!

The Dread Pirate [Judge] Roberts

September 7, 2005

SCOTUS: Compare and Contrast the Commentary

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It is hard not to comment on the varried response to the Death of Chief Justice Rehnquist. The most shocking was Alan Dershowitz vile description of Rehnquist just hours after the holder of this historic and honorable office’s death was announced.

August 15, 2005

News Flash

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From the "Live-from-the-Cubicle-Jungle, its-Weekend-Update, with-your-hosts, The-Editors-of-Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com" Department

Well, this seems to be a dry news-cycle, so Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com will take a brief look at the pressing news items of recent days:

  • There is a lot of noise about Able Danger, and the military knowing that there was an Al-Quaeda cell operating in the United States.
      I’m sorry, but I cannot get excited over this. What would we have done about it, back then? Storm the cell, and arrest everyone? (This is BEFORE the Patriot Act, remember (and even WITH the Patriot Act, arresting a suspsected terrorist requires something on par with a blessing from the ACLU) and pamper them at Gitmo?) What good would this knowledge have done pre-Sept-11?
  • Some chick is camping outside the Western White House (She must REALLY want tickets to the show), along with a plethora of press. From all her previous statements, the woman sounds like a moonbat. (See Best of the Web Today – First Item.)
  • And I-Ran…. I-Ran has nukes to-daaay…. (with apologies to “Flock Of Seagulls”)
    Well, they don’t have actual nukes yet, but everyone seems to be quaking over the idea that they are close.
  • Meanwhile, Senator Edward Kennedy is still suffering from a personal quagmire, in which wherever he looks he thinks he sees a quagmire; and as a result is asking everyone to retire or resign, except himself.

    Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

  • Hillary Clinton is still not running for president
  • Neither is Al Gore
  • Neither is The haughty french-looking Massachusetts Democrat who by-the-way served in Vietnam.
  • Yassir Arafat is still in Stable Condidtion after dying in a Paris Hospital.
  • Lybian Terrorist and Dictator Muammar Abu Minyar al-Qadahfi is still a Colonel. (T-Shirts for sale!)
  • Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com is Still Good In China (Be sure to buy the T-shirt!)

July 14, 2005

Karl Rove vs. the DNC

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From the "Karl-Rove-Outed-me-as-a-C.I.A.-Operative" Department

As much as I tire of hearing about the uber-covert-spy Valerie Plame, (Day-By-day even coined a great phrase, PlameOut) I have to take notice at the way everyone is bending over backwards to make Karl Rove some kind of diabolical criminal.

June 8, 2005

010000000 Days Later

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From the "So-can-Kerry-now-run-with-a-clean-conscience-in-2008?" Department

Recently, I hinted that The haughty french-looking Massachusetts Democrat, who by-the-way also served in Vietnam was slow to Release his Military Records, which he Promised to Release on Meet the Depressed, back on January 30, 2005.

Well, 010000000 days later (note, this is Geek-Fu for 128 days), The Boston Globe reports that Kerry has done just that; or we THINK he did.

June 2, 2005

Turn About

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From the "Why-I-Like-Best-of-the-Web: Reason #52" Department

In case you missed it, this was a classic move by James Taranto of Opinion-Journal-dot-com‘s Best of the Web Today. (Emphasis Mine)

Can Old Europe Learn New Tricks?
In a Sunday plebiscite, French voters said non to the European Constitution, which the New York Times calls “a document similar in some ways to the Constitution that binds the United States.” Also dissimilar in some ways; for instance, it comprises 448 articles, 441 more than the U.S. Constitution. “The decision of France inevitably creates a difficult situation for the defense of our interests in Europe,” said President Jacques Chirac, the haughty, Massachusetts-looking Paris Gaullist, who by the way served Saddam.


April 21, 2005

Where is the Kennedy?

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From the "The-JFK-and-the-JFK" Department

From Best of the Web Today:

“Senate Nixes Navy Plan to Mothball Kennedy”–headline, Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk), April 21

Maybe They’ll Still Freeze-Dry Kerry

While this is quite entertaining to read, I found the online article about the Politics of Naval Supercarriers quite interesting:
Senate Nixes Navy Plan to Mothball Kennedy

April 13, 2005

John Kerry imitates The Onion

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From the "It's-funny-cause-it's-not-true" Department

Per Kirk’s request:

Did you know that The haughty french-looking Massachusetts Democrat, who by-the-way also served in Vietnam was also a satirist?

Neither did anyone else, but we’ve also found out he’s unoriginal.

March 29, 2005

12 Angry Men

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From the "In-Theophobes-we-trust" Department

Dana pointed out today that the AOL News Network Law section reported a case where a Convicted murderer was freed of a death penalty ruling because members of the Jury discussed Bible Verses where it encourages capital punishment.

Is this a case of Separation of Church and State Justice? Or the work of the not-so-mighty Theophobes?

March 16, 2005

The SubCandidate talking about The Submedia

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From the "Its-that-blasted-subversive-counter-culture-which-ruined-me" Department

The haughty french-looking Massachusetts Democrat, who by-the-way also served in Vietnam doesn’t like the media.

Well, maybe not the media you are familiar with…

Best of the Web Today cites an article from The Weekly Standard in regards to Kerry’s disdain towards the media.

To be more specific, Kerry’s disdain towards the SubMedia.

March 3, 2005

Jon Stewart is probably the best interviewer I’ve seen!

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From the "Crossfire: With-Jon-Stewart" Department

Yeah what? Did I just say that?

But check this out, when he went on Crossfire awhile back, he took the annoying and dorky Tucker Carlson (Never trust a guy with two last names) to SCHOOL.
So anyways, he was chatting with Author and former Clinton Aide Nancy Soderberg, and ended up exposing a subconscious Democratic stigma, AND debunking the author.

February 22, 2005

Public School Follies

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From the "We-don't-need-no-education" Department

Thanks to Best of the Web Today, we have an entertaining spectrum of perspective of our Nation’s Public School system:

Your exercise for today: Which policy/practice has taught the children more?

January 31, 2005

Why I Like Best of the Web: Reason Number 44

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Best of the Web Today has an interesting round up of the Iraqi Elections.

January 18, 2005

The Boxer Jihad

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From the "Boxer-Day" Department

What is up with Barbara Boxer? Its like everyday is Boxer Day.

You might remember, the Congressional Debable, where Boxer led a jihad to contest the results of Ohio (to meerly make a statement in opposition to GWB, but in reality made a statement that she is just a whiney obstructionist.)

Now she has her sites set on Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

January 13, 2005

The American Mainstream Media Party

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From the "So-what-DOES "CBS" stand-for?" Department

Best of the Web Today cited a very provocative article on the events at CBS, and their political leanings. I posted the entire article by Howard Fineman of MSNBC here:

January 4, 2005

Crossing the Line

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From the "He-aint-an-eighth-grader, he's-my-brother" Department

When Harry Reid, Democratic Senator from Nevada was stepping up to the plate to be the next House Minority Leader, I thought I liked the guy. He wasn’t the obstructionist-jerk that Daschle was, and seemed to be more moderate than most of the Left side of the Senate Floor.

So I watched him on Meet the Depressed a few weeks back; and he tarnished himself, in my eyes.

December 9, 2004

Boycotts Work

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From the "Our-Friends-the-French" Department

Its no secret, there is a wall of animosity between the United States and the country of France. There is a cultural separation, there is a disagreement of opinion, and there is some unthankfulness. I’m not one to beat a dead horse, but France has got to lighten up.

Once upon a time, after this whole escapade with France and the Second Gulf War, Bill O’Reilly called upon his viewers to Boycott France. As a consumer, I joined in this boycott, along with other people I know. We targeted one specific area where we knew we had a lot of impact.

French Wine.

December 8, 2004

Better Politics through Marketing?

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From the "Why-I-like-Best-of-the-Web-Today" Department

There is a reason why Best of the Web Today is strongly considered the Best Media/Journalist Blog of 2004. They write something like this on the subject of this new leftwards luminary and his brilliant idea to give a cosmetic facelift to the language of the Democratic Party, to appeal to the Red-State-Heartland.

November 13, 2004

Mars Liberation Front

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From the "Any-Excuse-to-use-the-name "Uranus"" Department

Mars is Experiencing Global Warning; spawning “Mars First” protests on Phobos, Deimos and Uranus.

Before I get to the fun stuff, I’d just like to point out how silly this makes Earth Based Global Warming theories appear when a planet devoid of human contact is suspected of “Global Warning”.

But as you can see, we can still blame George W. Bush!

November 12, 2004


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From the "Survey-Says: You're-an-idiot" Department

Is it me, or when you hear people describe your politics, or philosophy as “stupid” or “ignorant”, you secretly feel as if you somehow know something they don’t?

I’ve been thinking that alot (before and after the election of 2004).

Everytime I hear a talking head (or non-talking head) describe me as stupid, I think to myself. (They just don’t get it. They are rushing to judgement on something and they don’t really know WHY people disagree with them. – I know something they don’t.)

When I’m less-selfish-than-usual, I also ponder on “how do I communicate to this person that they are mistaken in their shallow analysis?”

October 31, 2004

Re-Elect Bush and he will bring back the Bambino Curse!

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From the "It's-America's-Pastime!" Department

The Democratic National Committee released a shocking October-Surprise press statement, today; just two days before the National Election.

As John Kerry and John Edwards continue their hard work to appeal to swing voters, Chairman Terry McAuliffe appeared before the gathered fans in Boston, as the Red Sox celebrated their first World Series win in over 85 years.

October 28, 2004

Kerry vs. the Red Sox

Filed under: BOTW @ 1:21:24 PM
From the "John-Kerry: 0, the-Boston-Red-Sox: 1" Department

In a shock flip-flop by the Boston Red Sox, John Kerry now supports George W. Bush’s stance on the environment.
You might remember a certain comment made in the Second Presidential Debate:

“The president, I don’t think, is living in a world of reality with respect to the environment. Now, if you’re a Red Sox fan, that’s OK. But if you’re a president, it’s not.”

Kerry, of course was speaking about the hopelessness of his Red Sox winning the World Series and the Bambino Curse
Well, the Red Sox WON the World Series

As Best of the Web, Today pontificates:
Now that the Sox have won the Series, it’s fair to say the president is right on environmental issues?

October 21, 2004

Election Results – Today

Filed under: BOTW,Pontifications @ 10:13:20 AM
From the "The-Apple-doesn't-fall-far-from-the-tree" Department

As I suggested in my How Little Jeremy became a Republican article, the views of the parents often fall to the views of the children.

Channel one, just conducted a mock election with over 1.4 million teens (a pretty good sample size, if you ask me) and Bush is the clear winner.

Is this a sign of things to come?
I think so.

October 19, 2004

John Kerry vs. Daniel Webster

Filed under: BOTW @ 11:21:42 AM
From the "There-is-nothing-so-powerful-as-truth, and-often-nothing-so-strange." Department

Bush: “Kerry introduced only 5 bills.”
Kerry: “I’ve introduced 56 bills. Bush is a liar”

Let’s get to checking


    The New York Times
    Best of the Web


October 18, 2004

John Kerry vs. the polls

Filed under: BOTW,Rants @ 1:39:59 PM
From the "Oh, that's-why" Department

I can’t seem to watch the news anymore, particularly anything to do with The haughty french-looking Massachusetts democrat who, by-the-way, also served in Vietnam and his “Teen-Beat” Coverboy running mate.

I kept asking myself, how can they say such lies and untruths all the time?
They seem to be back to the “throw everything we can at Bush, even if its not true, so he has to defend himself and prove we’re wrong” tactic.

October 14, 2004

The Incumbant Handicap

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From the "The-Honor-of-the-Sitting-President" Department

I haven’t talked much about the debates, mostlly because I was disappointed by the performance of BOTH candidates. (Kerry talks out his *er* aft-thruster, like most politicians do, and Bush just came off as weak.)

As I was reading Best of the Web Today I saw one reason why I disliked Bush’ performance, because he was challenged in areas he was not allowed to answer, for reasons of national security and international politcs.

October 4, 2004

The Global Test

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From the "So-now-we-know-what-John-Kerry-meant!" Department

The confusion is over, the Subversive Global Test that John Kerry spoke of in the first debate has been unearthed.

The Online Format

Hattip to Best of the Web Today

September 24, 2004

Senator Kerry is C3PO?

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From the "This-isn't-the-droid-you-are-looking-for" Department

How could I not post this?
From Best of the Web Today

Swimming Through The Spin: These Aren’t the Droids I’m Voting For

Its pretty uncanny how Kerry sounds like one of the five most annoying characters in the Star Wars Universe.

September 21, 2004

Why I like Best of the Web: Reason Number 29

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From the "Cause-Tramps-Like-Us, baby we-were-Born-to-Run" Department

This is the official Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Quote of the Day

Humor like This is priceless.

(Emphasis Mine)

Mendacious moviemaker Michael Moore is lying again–this time about fellow Bush-basher Bruce Springsteen. Check out this post from the deceptive documentarian’s vanity Web site (ellipsis in original):
    If I hear one more person tell me how lousy a candidate Kerry is and how he can’t win . . . Dammit, of COURSE he’s a lousy candidate–he’s a Democrat, for heavens sake! That party is so pathetic, they even lose the elections they win! What were you expecting, Bruce Springsteen heading up the ticket? Bruce would make a helluva president, but guys like him don’t run–and neither do you or I. People like Kerry run.

“Guys like him don’t run”? In fact, as Springsteen himself has made clear, transient individuals of his ilk, baby, are predestined from birth to run.

Everybody’s out on the run tonight but there’s no place left to hide…

September 8, 2004

Jimmy Carter to Zell Miller: Politics over Conscience

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From the "See-what-I-mean?" Department

Jimmy Carter sent a rather frustrated letter to fellow Georgia-Democrat Zell Miller, this past weekend, after Miller spoke at the Republican National Convention.

You may remember how I called, Miller a political hero in my Modernist #2. Well, Jimmy Carter disagrees with me.

From Best of the Web Today

July 28, 2004

Socialist Humor

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From the "This-is-my-kind-of-humor" Department

From Best of the Web Today: On Location at the Democratic National Circus in Boston.

We board the T and head for the Haymarket station, the closest the trains run to the Fleet Center. But the train ends one station early, and rather than mess with a transfer, we decide to get off and hoof it. Outside the station perhaps a dozen people have gathered to hear members of the Socialist Party USA hold forth.

[Continued Below]


July 22, 2004

The Democratic Election is finally over

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From the "Bye-Ku to-you-too!" Department

Dennis the Crap Weasel Kucinich has Finally dropped out of the Presidential Race, conceeding to the mighty-mighty haughty-french-looking Massachusetts Democrat, who by-the-way, also served in Vietnam. (Oh, its true, its true! Kerry DID serve in Vietnam!)

Graphic borrowed from the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion-Journal-dot-com


July 20, 2004

Left-Wing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

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From the "I-Support-Free-Speach, just-not-yours" Department

I saw this on Drudge this morning:

This is an election year, and I think we’re in desperate trouble and it’s time for people to speak up and not pipe down. It’s a real conflict for me when I go to a concert and find out somebody in the audience is a Republican or fundamental Christian. It can cloud my enjoyment. I’d rather not know.

      Linda Ronstadt

    So the left-wing pundints DO support “Don’t-Ask Don’t-Tell”?

    June 29, 2004

    Why I Like Best of the Web: Reason Number 23

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    From the "She-Said-WHAT?" Department

    From the San Diego Union Tribune: (Emphasis Mine)

    Headlining an appearance with other Democratic women senators on behalf of Sen. Barbara Boxer, who is up for re-election this year, Hillary Clinton told several hundred supporters – some of whom had ponied up as much as $10,000 to attend – to expect to lose some of the tax cuts passed by President Bush if Democrats win the White House and control of Congress.

    Many of you are well enough off that … the tax cuts may have helped you,” Sen. Clinton said. “We’re saying that for America to get back on track, we’re probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.


    A Tale of Two Movies

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    From the "But-Sir! The-Ship-is-listing-to-port!" Department

    I saw this blog entry on Best of the Web Today, its priceless in its its obvious observation.

    A Tale of Two Movies

    This link compares Movie Critic Reviews between The Passion of the Christ and Fahrenheit 9/11.

    The contrast is almost unbelievable.

    June 26, 2004

    Heh, I’m a “Brownshirt”

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    From the "And-you-thought-he-was-talking-about-UPS!" Department

    Well, AlGore thinks I am. At least part time.

    From Al Gores own mouth:

    The Administration works closely with a network of “rapid response” digital Brown Shirts who work to pressure reporters and their editors for “undermining support for our troops.” Paul Krugman, the New York Times columnist, was one of the first journalists to regularly expose the President’s consistent distortions of the facts. Krugman writes, “Let’s not overlook the role of intimidation. After 9/11, if you were thinking of saying anything negative of the President…you had to expect right-wing pundits and publications to do all they could to ruin your reputation.


    June 17, 2004

    Why I like Best of the Web: Reason Number 21

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    From the "NYT-vs.-WSJ" Department


    Testing the Limits
    “In a direct challenge to federal limits on political advocacy, the National Rifle Association plans to begin broadcasting a daily radio program on Thursday to provide news and pro-gun commentary to 400,000 listeners,” the New York Times reports.

    In a direct challenge to federal limits on political advocacy, the New York Times Co. plans to continue publishing a daily newspaper to provide news and antigun commentary to 1.1 million readers.

    June 15, 2004

    Why I like “Best of the Web”: Reason Number 20

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    From the "Best. President. Ever." Department

    Stinkin’ Rick liked this one too:
    This is is from both Monday’s and Tuesday’s Edition, spliced together.

    Emphasis Mine

    A discussion thread on the Internet Movie Database (all quotes are verbatim) features accusations that the new movie “Garfield,” which apparently depicts the 20th president as a cartoon cat, is racist.

    Of course, the movie concludes unhappily for Garfield, who is fatally shot by a disgruntled job-seeker. Yeah, we know, we should have warned you a spoiler was coming, but we figured anyone who saw “Arthur” back in 1981 already knows how the prequel turns out.

    It’s funny, cause its smart!

    June 7, 2004

    What about the Colonel?

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    From the "Halls-of-Montezuma-to-the-shores-of-Tripoli" Department

    I was wondering what the Colonel-and-Commander-In-Chief of Libya had to say on the death of President Reagan, and then I saw this Reuters article on Best of the Web Today.

    Gadhafi, Duck!
    Col. Moammar Gadhafi, Libya’s dictator, still hasn’t managed to earn a general’s star, but he did weigh in on the death of President Reagan, Reuters reports:

      “I express my profound regrets over Reagan’s death before he appeared before justice to be held to account for his ugly crime in 1986 against Libyan children,” Gaddafi told the official JANA news agency.

    Yes, we know that “Libya, which recently emerged from international isolation over its alleged support for ‘terrorism’ “–there they go again–“has been promoting better ties with the United States.” But can’t we drop a bomb or two on this creep, just for old times’ sake?


    May 17, 2004

    Pontification Number: 3451

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    WASHINGTON, May 17, 2004 — A roadside bomb containing the nerve agent sarin – a substance Saddam Hussein’s regime insisted it had destroyed more than a decade ago – exploded near a U.S. military convoy traveling near Baghdad, coalition officials said today.

      From GlobalSecurity.org, and Best of the Web, Today

    Aside: Sarin is a Chemical Weapon of Mass Destruction. A Nerve Agent that Iraq was NOT supposed to have.
    So no, this doesn’t justify anything, but it does call for some people to be quiet. (So far the Global War on Terror has unearthed more WMDs then the U.N. inspectors.)

    The BAD news is, our brave boys and girls over in Iraq will start having to deal with this junk now.
    So no, I’m no celebrating. (Sometimes I hate being right.)

    May 12, 2004

    U.S.S. Jimmy Carter

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    No, this isn’t a “Where are the Carriers” Update, (thankfully). And No, The U.S.S. Jimmy Carter is not the designation of a Carrier Vehicle.

    It’s a Submarine (Seawolf Class).

    April 23, 2004

    Pontification Number 3448

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    From the "On-The-Road-To-Abilene" Department

    Is This Guy a protester, or a guy trying to hitch a ride back to Abilene?

    iN TEXAS ……..

    Oh, I get it! He’s talking about LBJ! But Johnson’s been dead for years.

      From Best of the Web

    April 21, 2004

    Why I like “Best of the Web”: Reason Number 15

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    From Best of the Web Today:

    Hey, whatever happened to Saddam anyway? The German news agency DPA tells us he’s still in an undisclosed location not of his choosing. The erstwhile dictator is in solitary confinement, the paper reports. He is “writing daily, always demanding pens and paper.” Oh, and “he still thinks he is the president.” Even Al Gore got over that.

    I’m always a sucker for an AlGore vs. Saddam joke.

    March 29, 2004

    Unborn Victims of Violence Act

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    From the "How-A-Bill-Becomes-A-Law" Department

    The US Senate Recently passed a rather interesting bill which President Bush is more-then-expected to sign into Law.
    The H. R. 1997 Unborn Victims of Violence Act.
    In a nutshell, this bill would make violence against a pregnant woman two separate crimes–one harming the woman and another against her unborn child.

    And of course, can you guess who is opposed to this piece of legislation?

      Pro-choice Advocates


    March 24, 2004

    Post-MTV Generation or SUV Generation?

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    From the "I-Remember-9/11" Department

    From the CNN-dot-com QuickVote:

    Which concerns you more?

      Threat of terrorism: 46% :: 84366 votes
      Rising gas prices: 54% :: 98715 votes

    This QuickVote is not scientific and reflects the opinions of only those Internet users who have chosen to participate. The results cannot be assumed to represent the opinions of Internet users in general, nor the public as a whole. The QuickVote sponsor is not responsible for content, functionality or the opinions expressed therein.

    Even so, and to quote Best of the Web, Again:
    What the hell is wrong with these people?

    Pontification Number 3444

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    From Today’s Best of the Web:

    The New York Post reports that Clotaire Rapaille, a French-born “marketing guru,” has a new book coming out called “Archetypes of the Presidency,” in which he criticizes John Kerry for being, well, French-looking:

    A French-Born Marketing Guru?
    And I thought Lawyers and Politicians have it bad…

    March 22, 2004

    Pontification Number 3443

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    From the "The-Heartbeat-Of-America?" Department

    Is THIS the Voice of America?

    “I Love New York Even More WITHOUT The World Trade Center”

    Source: http://www.lileks.com/bleats/archive/04/0304/0304/i-love-newyork.jpg
    And: Best of the Web.


    March 16, 2004

    Virtual Foreign Leader for Sale

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    I saw this on Best of the Web. And this is the solution to John Kerry’s problems!

    Imaginary Foreign Leader Endorsement

    Pure Genius!
    I hope this guy makes a bundle!

    March 9, 2004

    Do you Blame Bush for this too?

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    Organized crime families have given up on U.S. hitmen as unreliable, and now rely on Sicilian-bred killers

    From Best of the Web.

    March 3, 2004

    “Move me on to any black square…”

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    My roommates can attest that I’ve actually JOKED about this discussion, using a Louis Farrakhan voice:

      [voice type=”Louie Farrakhan”]“Chess is a white man’s game….
      It clearly puts the black man in conflict with the white man.
      And to the white man, this is just a game, while to the black man, this is a way of life. Always moving second to the white man…

    And so on and so forth.

    Well, I saw this on Best of the Web:

    February 24, 2004


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    As you know, I really like our current President of the United States. Easily he’s the best POTUS we’ve had since Ronald Reagan.

    Last night, he spoke to the Republican Governors Association. He had two zingers.

    February 12, 2004

    Sharpton and Kucinich

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    From the "And-now-for-candidates-who-are-completely-different" Department

    This just in, Al “Race Card Hustler” Sharpton and Dennis “Crap Weasel” Kucinich are going to stay in the race until the convention.

    Maybe between them, they might have enough delegates to get a group rate on a tour bus.

    February 6, 2004

    How silly

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    I’ve tried to illustrate this particular political correctness idiocy, but Best of the Web does a great job of it, with some great political examples:

    The thesis of this statement: Teresa Heinz Kerry is in fact an African American.

    February 2, 2004

    The Truth about Cats and Dogs and Hate Crimes

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    From the "And-you-thought-L.A.-County-was-bad?" Department

    From today’s Best of the Web.
    This article from the North County Times describes the defeated civil case between and man and his dog, and a cat living at the city Library of Escondido.

    January 6, 2004

    Stupid, eh?

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    Guess what? The Political Left thinks YOU are stupid if you support/voted/contribute/pander to George W. Bush. (Or Republicans for that matter).

    Well, at least Neal Starkman thinks so.

    Here is the funny thing. Lets take HIS article and just change a few names around:

    September 12, 2003

    Have I said how much I hate Marketing?

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    Allison was the first to show me this, and Best of the Web was also quick to cite this event.

    Dave Barry has struck back!


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