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July 31, 2015

Please Pardon the Dust

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From the "Wash-Me" Department

My Web-host is in disarray.

June 13, 2015

State of the Geek (2015)

From the "Jeremy-Gilby-dot-XLI" Department

Google was kind enough to inform me that it is someone’s birthday, so I guess I should write another one of this missives which no one reads.

And now, for entirely unimportant reasons, I would like to give my 41th annual State of the Geek address.

The occasion for this address is the fact that the Earth is in a specific position in its yearly orbit of the sun.
Today, the Olsen Twins celebrate their 29th Birthday.
Kat Dennings also turns 29.
Tim Allen turns 62.
Also, Malcolm McDowell turns 72.

May 13, 2015

WordPress 4.2.2

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From the "Four-point-two-point-two" Department

After much urging from the developers at WordPress, (2 emails sent to my domain name) I finally decided to upgrade my self-installation.

You may remember my last update was Version 3.8.3, and I was starting to get about a dozen spam comments a day (up from two or three a week). So it was probably time for an upgrade.

In my old age, I’m hesitant, now, to update/upgrade to the latest version, because while new features are neat, I find functionality falls away to user-friendliness. And this compounds version over version.

April 15, 2014

WordPress 3.8.3

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From the "Three-Point-Eight-Point-Three" Department

Well, while I wasn’t looking, WordPress pushed another update which automatically pushed to Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, so without my explicit permission, I’m now running Version 3.8.3.

I don’t like it.

It fixed one bug, on a feature which I don’t use.

April 9, 2014

WordPress 3.8.2

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From the "Two-Point-Eight-Point-Two" Department

So I got a courtesy Email, last night, from this website, stating that it automatically updated to the

Howdy! Your site at http://www.jeremygilby.com has been updated automatically to WordPress 3.8.2.

No further action is needed on your part. For more on version 3.8.2, see the About WordPress screen:
[My Admin About Page – ed.]

If you experience any issues or need support, the volunteers in the WordPress.org support forums may be able to help.

You also have some plugins or themes with updates available. Update them now:
[My Admin Page – ed.]

The WordPress Team

Granted, I’m not as attentive to my website as I used to be, but I’m not comfortable with it automatically updating itself. (At least not yet)

January 25, 2014

WordPress 3.8.1

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From the "Three-Point-Eight-Point-One" Department

Its been awhile, so I finally updated Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to WordPress 3.8.1, the first maintenance release of the WordPress 3.8.1 “Parker” Build.

April 21, 2013

WordPress 3.5.1

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From the "Three-point-five er Three-point-five-point-one" Department

Okay Fools! I’ve finally upgraded to the WordPress 3.5 Platform.

For one, I’m getting tired of the damn Spam, which seems to prey on non-upgraded websites.

June 8, 2012


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From the "Fracking: A-future-term-which-means-nothing" Department

Did I just post 2 (now 3) posts in one day?

What the Frack is going on with this website?

June 3, 2012

WordPress 3.3.2

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From the "Three-Point-Three-Point-Two" Department

If you are reading this message, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com successfully upgraded to WordPress 3.3.2.

For those of you keeping track, I avoided WordPress 3.3.1, and this was indeed and Upgrade (x.1.x) and not an Update (x.x.1)

September 14, 2011

WordPress 3.2.1

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From the "Three-point-two-point-one" Department

If you are reading this, the Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com have successfully upgraded Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to the WordPress 3.2.1 release.

Yeah, it took me a little while.

April 7, 2011

WordPress 3.1.1

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From the "Three-point-one-point-one" Department

If you are reading this, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com successfully upgraded to WordPress 3.1.1. This was both an update (x.x.1) and an upgrade (x.1), as The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com waited to upgrade to WordPress 3.1 until the first maintenance release.

February 14, 2011

WordPress 3.0.5

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From the "Three-point-oh-point-five" Department

If you are reading this, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com has successfully updated to WordPress 3.0.5.

This was not a big update, and it only affected a handfull of files.

And again, the auto-update was neither automatic, nor did it update.

I think I have a plug in that really takes a dump in the Upgrades folders. It is really annoying.

January 26, 2011

Who Brought the Cat?

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From the "Sneezes-of-a-Server" Department

[Editor’s Note: The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com are allergic to cats, so when they have a sneezing fit, they will ask the above question.]

It seems that the servers of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com are on the fritz.

Please Stand By

For something more stable, try The Backup Blog

January 20, 2011

Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com :: 9 Years

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From the "Nine-Years-And-Nothing" Department

Yes, One more year of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.
Both The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, and the rest of the staff would like to take this time to thank our loyal readership.

You are the reason this is possible.

That, and the author, Jeremy R. Gilby. We would like to thank him too!

December 29, 2010

WordPress 3.0.4

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From the "Three-point-oh-point-four" Department

If you are reading this, than Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com has successfully updated to the latest 0.0.x release of WordPress 3.0.4.

If you are doing the math (and you probably are not), The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com conveniently skipped WordPress 3.0.3.

December 4, 2010

WordPress 3.0.2

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From the "Three-point-oh-point-two" Department

If you are reading this, than The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com successfully updated Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to the lasted .0.x release, WordPress 3.0.2.

This was another chore as the “automatic update” failed its name and was neither automatic, nor an update; so I had to uninstall and reinstall the software, again. It took so long I was able to chat on a phone call from Dad during the process.

September 8, 2010

What Happen?

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From the "Someone-set-us-up-the-bomb" Department

Some of you may have noticed, (though The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com don’t know why, since updates on this site have been few and far between) that Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com was NOT a delightful alternative to the Error 404 – Not Found.

We’re feeling much better now.

August 3, 2010

WordPress 3.0.1

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From the "Three-point-oh-point-one" Department

Last night, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com attempted to update to WordPress 3.0.1. It was not as successful as we had hoped. The autoupdate bailed, and The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com had to “uninstall and reinstall”. It was not pleasant.

Anyways, it was updated.

June 20, 2010

WordPress 3.0

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From the "Three-point-oh" Department

This is just a notification that Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com has upgraded to the latest version of WordPress 3.0.

May 12, 2010

Hey, is this thing on?

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From the "Comfortably-Numb" Department

Wow, one would have thought The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com had forgotten about the website of their own name.

No, they had not. But you could say that we’ve been uninspired to compose any real length of words for the past few weeks.

We don’t know why, and really don’t want to delve any further, as we think the effort would be futile.

That and while the latest political current events are entertaining to me, I don’t think my words on the subject are going to be any different than something else you have already read.

February 15, 2010

WordPress 2.9.2

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From the "Two-Point-Nine-Point-Two" Department

If you are reading this, than Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com successfully updated to WordPress 2.9.2.

This did not look like a big deal to me, as there is only one-and-a-half authors on Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, and no one really uses the Users feature. (I’m looking at you Cisco.)
But there is always a chance for some user to register when The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com are not watching.

January 20, 2010

Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com :: 8 Years

Filed under: Administrivia @ 1:59:39 AM
From the "Next-you-will-be-telling-me-that-a-Republican-can-win-a-Senate-seat-in-Massachusetts" Department

Here we are, what started as an experiment in the web is now 8-years old.

Eight Years, 2163 articles, and 8305 comments later, we’re still typing.

January 4, 2010

WordPress 2.9.1

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From the "Two-Point-Nine-Point-One" Department

As expected, there was a quick update from the WordPress 2.9 Upgrade.

If you are reading this, than Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com has successfully Updated to WordPres 2.9.1.

As I suspected, there was a bug around Scheduled Articles, which appears to be fixed now.

December 24, 2009

WordPress 2.9

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From the "Two-point-Nine" Department

Last night I upgraded Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to, the latest 0.x release: WordPress 2.9.

Since this was a upgrade and not an update, please be aware of any issues you might see on Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

December 23, 2009

The Great Firewall of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com

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From the "Still-good-in-China, but-not-at-the-Jeremy-Gilby-dot-Compound" Department

Sorry for the lack of text, but there is a story behind it.

See, on Saturday, I woke up in the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-Compound and found I had no access to my Jeremy-Gilby-dot-Email, or the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com website proper.

I thought it was another server outage. Since I just recently applied for a job, and was expecting some kind of communication.

It wasn’t until Tuesday, when I accessed the internet away from the house that I learned it was something else.

November 13, 2009

WordPress 2.8.6

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From the "Two-Point-Six-Point-Eight" Department

If you are reading this, than Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com has successfully updated to WordPress 2.8.6..

This was my first automatic update since the Fully Money of WordPress 2.8.5, and while it worked, there was a slight hangup, but I don’t think it was WordPress’s fault.

November 11, 2009

The Dream Is Over

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From the "Wake-me, I'm-drowning!" Department

Well the Issue with post numbers is now resolved.

From this point on, the post numbering should be back to normal.

November 8, 2009

Here I Am

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From the "Moving-a-House-in-less-than-three-hours" Department

The Move is over, and the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-Compound Geek-O-Sphere has found the internet.

So, as far as the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com readership cares, the move is complete.

So why do I still have all this unpacking to do?

October 27, 2009

I dream in MySQL

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From the "EsQueueEl?" Department

I did not notice, but after the Update of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to WordPress 2.8.5, the issue of Post revisions increasing the Post Count returned as I lost the Configuration setting which turned it off.

I discovered it, and turned it back off, and now I have to recover the “lost” database entries. So the next few posts will be backnumbered until that is resolved.

October 21, 2009

WordPress 2.8.5

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From the "Two-Point-Eight-Point-Five" Department

If you are reading this, than Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com successfully updated to WordPress 2.8.5.

I did a “Full Monty” (A remove and re-install) this time, since I had the issues with the server last week.

October 17, 2009


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From the "Its-over-EIGHT-THOUSAND!" Department

Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com recently celebrated its 8000th comment/trackback/pingback.

The honor goes to the The-Roommate-Formerly-Known-as-Matthew-Maynard, with his comment here.

October 13, 2009

Hello? Is there Anybody In There?

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From the "My-hands-feel-just-like-two-balloons" Department

Hey, welcome back to Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, the Delightful Alternative to the Error 404 – Not Found; which was displaying the 404 – Not Found Error through the weekend, until today.

I for one welcome you back.

October 9, 2009

The Streak is Over

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From the "Haunting, Isn't-it?" Department

The long running daily post streak is over. Which I realized this morning, as I was getting ready for work.

It started on August 1, 2009, spanned the months of August, September and early October, and ended on October 7th.

It wasn’t from a lack of content, more a lack of time.

October 7, 2009

From the Binary to the UPC

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From the "PLU-is-not-a-Terrorist-Organization" Department

I learned on Google today that today is the birthday of the Barcode.

So I went to Barcodes-Inc to participate in some Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Vanity:


September 30, 2009

I guess I did have another month in me

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This wasn’t planned, but September was the second consecutive month of uninterrupted daily postings.

A trend that began on August 1.

It is a Jeremy-Gilby-dot-Revolution!

September 21, 2009


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From the "Jeremy-Science-Theater-3000" Department

Just an FYI that Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com is slowly approaching 8000 Comments.

7000 Comments seemed like it was just last year.

September 20, 2009

New Trend Record

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From the "Fifty-Days-in-the-hole" Department

As I mentioned Earlier the longest trend of Daily Posts was back in January of 2004 and not August of 2009 as I said at the end of the NaBloPoMo Challenge.

That trend has now been exceeded.

September 7, 2009

Labor Day Movies: Who Knew?

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Four Years ago, when The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com wrote the article for Labor Day Movies, we had no idea that people would take it seriously.

We wrote it seriously, but the premise was a little silly. I mean, we have Christmas Movies, Thanksgiving Movies, even Halloween Movies, but the idea of Labor Day movies seemed silly, to us at least. But we liked our list.

Little did we know, every Labor Day, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com would get a surge in Searchy Fun for the exact phrase: “Labor Day Movies

September 5, 2009

Blogging Streaks :: Correction

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From the "Lies, Damn-Lies, Statistics, and Dumb-Looks" Department

When I started the NaBloPoMo challenge, last month, I claimed that Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com never had a full month of Blog Posts before.

Well, the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Statisticians found an error with The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com‘s logic. (It was a long argument where the Statistics Geeks were calling the Editors names, and well, things got violent. Lawsuits are pending, but we did finally get down to the truth.)

September 2, 2009

User Pages

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From the "Useless-features-feature" Department

On a whim, this weekend, I was tinkering with the PHP pages in WordPress and introduced “Author Pages” to the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com theme.

See, the software looks at the User List, which is a Database Table, and creates a Page, just like it does for the content you are reading right now.

I briefly mentioned it here, with Cisco’s Profile.

The functionality of the page include all the posts written by said Author. (RIght now there are only three Authors who have written posts on Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com. THREE you say? Yes. Read on.) There are currently 25 users.

September 1, 2009

Tomorrow is Over

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From the "I-just-stick-up-my-chin, and-grin, and-say......." Department

We did it! We succeeded in our NaBloPoMo challenge.

One Blog Article, everyday for a month. (And it was a 31 Day Month, no leap year antics for The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.


August 28, 2009

Downtime, and the world of Tomorrow

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From the "Don't-bring-me-down, Bruce" Department

Once again, when I’m applying for a job, and expecting E-mail. My Webhost unexpectedly goes down. (Talk about frustrating)

Well, I at least still had the phone. (Egads, the Phone)

August 13, 2009

WordPress 2.8.4

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From the "Two-point-Eight-point-Four" Department

If you are reading this, that means that Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, successfully updated to the latest 0.0.x release, WordPress 2.8.4.

I would have stalled on the update, but even before I learned of the security hole it fixed, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com was victim of the exact hacking attempt, yesterday.

August 10, 2009

Day 10 and the World of Tomorrow

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From the "Just-thinking-about-Tomorrow, clears-away-the-cobwebs-and-the-sorrow; till-there's-none" Department

In case you are not looking at the time stamps of these posts, (and really, why would you?) but most have been published in the wee hours of the morning, This is on purpose.

In the theme of Theme I’m trying the gimmick of writing tomorrow’s posts, today.

Now, for me the writer, that makes sense.

August 5, 2009

WordPress 2.8.3

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From the "Two-point-Eight-point-Three" Department

If you are reading this, then Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com was successfully updated to the lated 0.0.x release, WordPress 2.8.3.

Nothing exciting, just a few more security holes were filled, that were missed in WordPress 2.8.1.

August 1, 2009


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From the "Bet-your-bottom-dollar-that-tomorrow, there-will-be-sun!" Department

What just sneezed in my Title Field? Oh, its an acronym.

I saw this gimmick over on The WordPress-dot-com Blog, called National Blog Posting Month. The idea is for Blog Authors to make every effort to post something, everyday, for a whole month.

I don’t think The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com have yet to accomplish his feat in the seven plus years of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

So we’re going to try it. (We haven’t let a bad idea stop us before!)

July 21, 2009

WordPress 2.8.2

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From the "Two-Point-Eight-Point-Two" Department

I just updated Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to WordPress 2.8.2, and if you are reading this, that means it worked.

It was just an update to a security hole, and shouldn’t be too exciting.

July 11, 2009

WordPress 2.8.1

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From the "Two-Point-Eight-Point-One" Department

If you are reading this, than Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com was successfully updated to the latest x.x.1 release of WordPress.

This was a maintenance release to clean up some of the problems introduced with WordPress 2.8.

July 9, 2009

Downtime Trends

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From the "A-Delightful-Non-Alternative-to-404-Not-Found" Department

If you didn’t notice, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com and its environs were down for a few hours this morning (Pacific TIme) and just recently came back up.

In my previous employment, one of my tasks was to find patterns in support requests or errors and determine a Root Cause. Sometimes this was something technical, it could be weather related, or in many cases it was user behavior.

I think I’ve determined a pattern with my downtime.

June 29, 2009


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From the "Everything-is-meta-these-days" Department

It has been awhile since I’ve checked the news of my favorite topics, and I learned that I found some new ones.

Check em out!

June 22, 2009

Down Weekend

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From the "The-System-was-down, yo" Department

Looks like the technology issues were not resolved, as Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com was down all weekend.

We’re back now, but I’m not holding my breath.

June 19, 2009

Ghost in the Shell

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From the "Long-Dark-Downtime-of-the-Soul" Department

The system was down, yo.

No word yet on the cause, but at 3:30 local time, the webhost for Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com went down and all the sites I know that are hosted by it were not available.

As of late this morning, the site returned.

But we’re feeling much better.

June 11, 2009

WordPress 2.8

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From the "Two-point-Eight" Department

The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com have updated Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to the latest 0.1 version of WordPress, Version 2.8, if you are reading this, I guess it worked.

April 1, 2009

Early April Fools?

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From the "We-don't-know. Did-you-really-think-we-possibly-could?" Department

You may have noticed that Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com was down for 24 hours. It just recently came up.

I noticed that several other sites hosted by this particular webhost (including the webhost’s main site) was also down. I figured a server needed kicking.

March 6, 2009


Filed under: Administrivia,Geek-Fu @ 7:02:25 PM
From the "Resolved: The-Internet-is-full-of-peril" Department

After conferring with my Web Provider, we think we found the problem and implemented a solution.

Seems that my particular server was upgraded and there was a snafu in the process.

I’ve got all the “lost” comments in my E-mail and I’ll re-enter them.

March 5, 2009

Backup II – Electric Boogaloo

Filed under: Administrivia,Geek-Fu @ 1:03:54 PM
From the "Restore-and-Restore-Often" Department

Just an FYI to readers/commenters. It appears there is an issue with the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com webhost; as Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com has been cycling through two different version histories, over the past few days.

I would suggest not leaving any comments until the issue is resolved.

February 12, 2009

WordPress 2.7.1

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From the "Two-point-seven-point-one" Department

Yesterday, I upgraded Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to WordPress 2.7.1.

It was one of note, because this was the first time I used the new internal update feature in WordPress.

January 20, 2009

Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com :: 7 Years

Filed under: Administrivia @ 5:48:00 AM

Can you believe it? The Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com blog has been around for seven years, as on January 20, 2002 the website said “Hello” to the world.

2089 Articles, 7334 Comments, and seven years later, here we are. In that time, the New York Yankees have not won a World Series; and as of today, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com will see its second Presidential Administration.

January 12, 2009


Filed under: Administrivia,Geek-Fu @ 1:44:32 AM
From the "Welcome-to-Jeremy-Gilby-dot-net; It's-dot-com!" Department

Have you ever mistyped the top-level-domain name of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com?
Like say:

Well, now they all go to the same place.

January 1, 2009

Snippets of 2008

Filed under: Administrivia,Mindless Banter,Pontifications @ 4:19:56 PM
From the "Abstracts-in-Abstract-Form" Department

I saw this over at EveryPath who saw it at Bathtub Junkie, a Blog Meme which attempts to capture the year of 2008 with only the first sentence of each month:

Here’s something fun for today. Look back at all of your blog entries throughout 2008 and post the first sentence of your first entry for each month.


December 13, 2008

Title of the Article

Filed under: Administrivia,Mindless Banter,Parodies @ 11:38:09 PM
From the "Quirky-statement-which-is-related-to-the-Title-of-the-Article, but-is-even-funnier-in-reference-to-a-Department-title" Department

An Introductory Statement to bring attention to a casual reader, and perhaps generate a search string. This series of sentences might also go in the Post’s Excerpt which is read by several RSS feed readers.

A Rhetorical Question, which alludes to a potential answer later in the article.

A link to someone else’s genius, which The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com wish to exploit or expand upon.

A clever way to pause as this is the end of the except which will appear on the front page or in the internal WordPress list results.

December 10, 2008

WordPress 2.7

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From the "Two-point-seven" Department

If you are reading this, then The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com have successfully upgraded Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to WordPress 2.7

November 25, 2008

WordPress 2.6.5

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From the "Two-point-six-point-five" Department

If you are reading this, than Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com has been successfully upgraded to WordPress 2.6.5.

I’m also still trying to figure out why my PC will not properly unzip a WordPress zip file.

October 27, 2008

WordPress 2.6.3

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From the "Two-point-six-point-three" Department

If you are reading this, than Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com successfully upgraded to Version 2.6.3

Though, technically, I cheated, and I just uploaded the two files for this particular release.

October 26, 2008

Administrivial Hackery

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Waking up this morning, I noticed that someone is still trying to hack into the Administrative Functions of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

But now I know they are actually reading this site.

October 24, 2008


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From the "It's-over-seven-THOUSAND!" Department

While, The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com were not looking, the 7000th comment occurred yesterday.

October 2, 2008

Last One

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From the "I-dream-in-SQL" Department

Finally, the database counting errors from WordPress 2.6.1 are over!

(I told you it would take a long time…)

September 15, 2008

The Great Firewall of Pima County

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From the "Still-good-in-China, AND-Pima-County" Department

I just learned from the Nameless County Employee that Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com is no longer blocked to employees of Pima County.

September 10, 2008

WordPress 2.6.2

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From the "Two-point-Six-point-Two" Department

If you are reading this, that means The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com were able to finally update the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com WordPress Installation to WordPress 2.6.2.

September 9, 2008

Hey fellow WordPress Users…

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From the "Horked: It's-a-technical-term" Department

All you WordPress users (The installed version, not the WordPress.com version); I’ve been trying to download and unzip the new 2.6.2 release and it is horking both my Windows Unzip utility and WinZip.

September 5, 2008

Departmental Oversight

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From the "Is-this-the-place-to-start-a-new-Department?" Department

RSS Readers, delete this one from your feeds NOW!

After my 2000th post, I looked back on a few of my older posts and was reminded of my Department of Departments post a ways back, where I listed all the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Departments to date.

I felt the need to do it again. So I went back to EACH and EVERY post, and typed them all out on THIS article. It was a grueling process, and I hope you all appreciate it.

For those of you who came in late, I like my Departments. I strive to keep each one unique and kind of witty; either in a secondary title to the article, or some inside joke that some regular readers might appreciate. While others are quotes, and others are lyrics to songs which could, or could not, be related to the substance of the article. Either way, there is quite a diversity of Departments at Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

If you wanted to count these, there are now 1188 different departments on Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com; all of them micromanaged.

Still, only one Editor, though.


September 3, 2008

2000th Post!

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Seems like it was just yesterday when Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com celebrated its 1000th Article

(Okay, it was over three years ago)

So here we are:

  • 2000 Posts
  • Six Years, Seven Months, and Change

…Wow, its like clockwork.

August 30, 2008

Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

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From the "Sherman, set-the-WABAC-machine-to ..." Department

Every once in a while, I like to look back into the Wayback Machine and look at Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com

On this day, in 2004, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com looked like this: August 30, 2004.

If you are counting article counts, that it pointing to Article 629.

August 27, 2008

Your Ad Here

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From the "Intentionally-Left-Blank" Department

This is the second one of these I’ve gotten.

An E-mail asking for advertising space on Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

The first was for a company that sold sunglasses. This one is much more generic:

August 21, 2008

A Pressing Question

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From the "Milestone, or-KilometerStone?" Department

Which will come first?

The 7000th comment?

Or the 2000th Article?

August 15, 2008

WordPress 2.6.1

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From the "Two-Point-Six-Point-One" Department

If you are reading this post, The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com have successfully upgraded Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to WordPress Version 2.6.1.

While the WordPress upgrade went fine, I’m disappointed in other things.

July 29, 2008

This Blog is Boring!

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From the "Is-it-getting-warm-in-here?" Department

I know, that is what a lot of you are saying.

What can I say, I’ve not got much on my mind worth sharing.

July 15, 2008

WordPress 2.6

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From the "Two-point-Six" Department

If you are seeing this message, that means that Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com was successfully upgraded to the newest .x release, WordPress 2.6.

So far, everything looks good on the back end.

July 7, 2008

Pirate Plugins

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From the "Not-that-Pirates-believe-in-Karma" Department

You might have been noticing all the testing in the comments this weekend.

The reason for which is I tweaked one of the layers of Spam Defense at Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, with a plugin I found by webgeek Chad over at The Pirate King.

I added it, incorrectly, and there were some errors popping when users commented.

But Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com is feeling much better now.

June 5, 2008

Subterfuge IV: This time, the Dogs get it

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From the "IM-IN-UR-HOUES-USNG-UR-INTERN3TZ" Department

Once again, The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com have subverted the estate of their Arch-Nemesis, The-Evil-Doctor-Merlin-Channing-Lowe-Jr..

June 2, 2008


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From the "Plug-it-in, Plug-it-in" Department

I’ve been updating some of the plugins for WordPress today.

The first, you should notice, are the Recent Comments in the side bar. I’m using a new Vendor for this, and I like the result. For one, the output is more customizable, and for two, the Trackbacks/Pingbacks don’t get in the way.

The second, I’ve added a third layer to the Spam Prevention Schema.

April 15, 2008

WordPress 2.5

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From the "Two-Point-Five-Point-Oh" Department

I just upgraded Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to the latest WordPress 2.5 release. This is a “version” change, so please point out any anomalies you might see.

If you find you cannot comment, please use The Backup Blog.

February 25, 2008


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Don’t mind this, I’m geeking out between online applications.

Ah, Web 2.0, is there anything it can’t do?

February 19, 2008

WordPress Tags

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From the "I'll-do-graffiti-if-you-sing-to-me-in-French" Department

I’ve been tinkering with an unused WordPress feature on Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com:


You should see them in the Grey “Meta Line” under the article title.

January 28, 2008

Sidebar Spam

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From the "Sidebar-Conversations" Department

Back on December 18th, The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com added Google Ads to the Right Sidebar.

Today marks the day we have made our first twenty dollars.

January 26, 2008

Another thing I’ve noticed

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From the "You-who-are-about-to-Spam..." Department

Whenever I talk about Spammers, Phishers and Crackers on this site, I seem to get attacked more.

I guess that means they can read.

January 23, 2008

When Spammers Unite

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From the "I-need-a-little-time-off-for-bad-behavior; It-looks-like-I-been-too-good-for-too-long" Department

Just another FYI, in my Administrivial Maintenance of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, I’ve re-instated the second layer of Spam Protection (Bad Behavior).

I turned it off a few months ago as it was blocking The-Evil-Doctor-Merlin-Channing-Lowe-Jr. (HA, Chan, I beat you this time!)

When in Doubt, Upgrade

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From the "Two-Point-Three-point-Two" Department

Well, whatever the issue was, a “simple” upgrade of WordPress to the latest version (v.2.3.2) and Eureka! The comment issue is resolved.

Product Managers love people like me. “if it don’t work, get a bigger version!”

January 22, 2008

Odd Site Behavior

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From the "PHP-yeah-you-know-me" Department

So I’m noticing a strange behavior with Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, which started happening last night.

In Firefox, when you view a page, and use the address h-t-t-p-colon forward-slash forward-slash w-w-w-dot jeremy-gilby-dot-com, nothing displays. No Source, No Data, No color, just a white screen.

When you view a page and use the address Without the www-dot, it appears normal.

January 20, 2008

Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com :: 6 Years

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Today Marks the completion of six years of the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Saga.

6-Years, 1869 individual Articles, and 5865 comments later, this has been an interesting ride.

November 13, 2007

Da Forum

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From the "You-call-this-a-forum?" Department

Some of you might remember, back in the day, on the previous site, there was a Community Forum.

It was quite the happen’n place, lots of antics by EvilHomer, Marshie, and a few other fans.

Unfortunately, I forget the actual circumstances involved, I had to shut down the site, and the forum. And all was lost.

But now, the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Forum is back in business.
With a snazzy new name, and logo!


October 19, 2007

Well, we’re back, again.

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From the "No, his-name-is-Gary" Department

This last outage was more my fault. Since I’m a stubborn Geek who chooses to manage his own domain name, and does not delegate that task to his web host.

October 16, 2007

Didja miss me?

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From the "There-is-no-place-like-" Department

For those of you who might have also been 404ed, this weekend, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com was 404ed since Saturday.

Now, I know what some of you were thinking. This new webhost really tanked on The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com?

Well, while I am disappointed in the difficulty, it was still a much better experience than my previous webhost.

September 16, 2007

Journey’s End

From the "Guess-Who-Just-Got-Back-Today; Them-Wild-Eyed-Boys-that-have-been-away" Department

The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com have returned the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Vicinity back to the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-Compound.

I might have lots to talk about, from this trip, especially when I see the photos taken by my fellow travelers, but for now, I’ll provide a brief itinerary:

September 3, 2007

WordPress 2.2.2

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For those of you keeping track of the version number at the bottom of this page, it just incremented by 0.0.1 as I’ve upgraded Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to Version 2.2.2.

July 23, 2007

Too Much Spam

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From the "My-god! Its-full-of-Spam!" Department

I’ve been going over my spam logs for Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com and since Friday, I’ve been getting at least one piece of comment/trackback spam every minute. So, I’ve downloaded the latest version of Bad Behavior to put as the primary defense again.

Spam Karma was doing to the trick, but it is thrashing my comment table. I had to do something.

July 17, 2007


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From the "...and-this-is-a-website!" Department

Since I’m going on Vacation in less than 60 days, I’ve been pondering the idea of opening up a portal for Guest Blogging on Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

Once upon a time, I swore there would be no guest blogging; I mean, its Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, it doesn’t make a lick of sense to have a different author. But I think it could be spun right.

July 4, 2007


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From the "Get-off-the-Maine-Turnpike; cut-through-the-Ames-Parking-Lot; Turn-left-at-the-kid-selling-fireworks-on-the-corner; and-your-there!" Department

We’re Migrating.
So if you leave comments now, they will not be populated by the new server.

Also, while the migration occurs, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com will probably be down.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back.

June 27, 2007

99th Nervous Breakdown

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From the "Maybe-this-is-a-leftover-blogging-footprint" Department

Something went funky, or FOOM and my Immigration Post published THREE times. (This is a first.)

And since I don’t like wasting an article number if I don’t have to, I’m going to attempt to recycle.

Expect another article sometime today, immediately after this one.

June 19, 2007

One More Try

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From the "Lets-shout-it-loud-and-clear; Do-you-fight-it-to-the-end; We-hear-the-call-to; To-carry-on; We'll carry on" Department

With the recent successes in the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com database, I’m going to try to re-promote Bad Behavior to be the primary Spam Deterrence.

June 13, 2007

And Did you Notice?

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From the "What-did-you-say?" Department

The Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Vernacular is working again.

June 1, 2007

WordPress 2.2

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To sweep in the month of June, I decided to finally upgrade to the 2.2 branch of the WordPress 2.x Tree, from the 2.0.x Tree.

This was a major upgrade compared to the previous maintenance releases. As some of my personal theme’s tags were deprecated and thus rendered useless.

Add to the fact there was a database update. (Big deal)

April Showers – May Flowers – June Spam

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From the "Where-can-I-get-some-Spam-offsets?" Department

I’ve been getting some pretty bad spam attacks as of late. So I put up my Second Layer of Spam Protection in hopes to thwart some of it.

Hopefully, Bad Behavior will behave nicely.

May 22, 2007

G2G Support:Webhosting?

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From the "I'm-the-type-of-guy-that-likes-to-roam-around; I'm-never-in-one-place-I-roam-from-town-to-town" Department

Time for some Geek-To-Geek web support. The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com‘s patience is waning, and even though I’ve talked about this before, I’m now actively looking for a new webhost.

Ipowerweb was a great starting point, but I think my grandfathered account with them is now more trouble than it is worth.

My problem, I don’t know who to go to.

What do you other web guys use?

May 18, 2007


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From the "Once-you-go-black..." Department

Yeup, you can now say that you are helping the environment when you visit Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

Why you ask?

Well, you are using less energy when you load a page in Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, than say Wikipedia, or Google.

Because… Black is the new Green.

AlGore would be so proud!

May 17, 2007


Filed under: Administrivia @ 5:35:47 PM
From the "When-will-this-get-resolved???" Department

Sorry everybody. Several of you have said you were unable to leave comments. I think it is related to my continuing issues between PHP and MySQL.

I’ve disabled some of my anti-spam protection, and it looks like some of it cleared up.

Hopefully the spammers won’t take advantage of one less layer of protection.

May 9, 2007

*blinks* *double take*

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Its up, its down.

I can’t make heads or tales of what my web host is doing.

May 6, 2007

Vernacular Breakdown

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From the "A-bug-where-I-have-nothing-to-say" Department

Some of you might have noticed, there was a Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com outage yesterday. It was resolved in a reasonable time… almost.

But as I looked this morning, the Vernacular Glossary is malfunctioning again.

April 27, 2007


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From the "It seems that you've been living two lives. One life, you're Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, respectable blog and website. The other life is lived in spammer, where you go by the hacker alias "Orlanger-dot-org" and are guilty of virtually every computer crime we have a law for. One of these lives has a future, and one of them does not." Department

Hopefully, none of you know, there are TWO websites currently being hosted on Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

The one you are reading, and another using more subversive methods.

April 23, 2007

Wherever I go, I think of you

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From the "These-issues-are-not-intended-to-offend, or-even-to-make-you-think, these-issues-are-here-to-entertain" Department

The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com was honored this weekend by Beast 1624 who nominated Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com for the Thinking Bloggers Award with the following:

I started reading Jeremy after I read a comment he left on [Allison’s site]. Something about Google maps and area 51. I knew then that here was a blog I needed to check out. When I saw that he lived in Tucson, where my closest living relatives are, and that he worked in a cubicle jungle like I had [-the one that was a live saving career change for me-] I was hooked. Where he comes up with the vast storehouse of information he posts I’ll never know. He knows more about our fleet of Navy Super Carriers than anyone. Also, in Jeremy I found one who loathes the cowboys as much as I do, although for different reasons. I can always count on Jeremy to present a WIDE range of subjects…never a dull moment. I often find myself saying ‘gee, I didn’t know that’ or ‘I never looked at it like that before’ after finishing one of his posts. His series on Cubicle Culture is priceless. Besides, I like his color scheme.


April 4, 2007

Searchy Fun :: March 2007

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Just an administrative note, Searchy Fun will be discontinued, indefinitely; due to technical difficulties beyond The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com‘s control.

March 30, 2007

DST2K7 Part II – Electric Boogalo

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From the "My-Watch-Stopped-Part-II-Electric-Boogalo" Department

Prepare for part two of the DST2K7 Virus.

Remember, there are systems out there that are still programmed to convert an hour on April 1, at 02:00 Local Time.

February 27, 2007

DST2K7: 12 Days and “Change”

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From the "My-Watch-Stopped" Department

Just a friendly reminder from The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, to all of our readers in states where they still worship the sun, you are changing you clocks EARLY, this year, on Sunday March 11, 2007.

The Y2K anarchist in me wants to see schedule carnage of DST2K7.

January 25, 2007

JG-dot-com: 5 Years

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From the "Five-Years, Five-Days-too-late" Department

January 20th, is historically, the anniversary of the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, delightfully giving you an alternative to Error 404 – Not Found, for 5 years now.

Somehow, in all the excitement of Dad visiting, snow storms, and space probes, I seemed to have missed it.

Well, there is always next year.

January 18, 2007

Up and Down

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From the "Backups-only-work-if-you-make-them" Department

Yeah, I’ve noticed that Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com has been up and down most of the afternoon.

Which gives me a good excuse to promote my backup blog:


January 8, 2007

WordPress 2.0.6

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Minor Upgrade, we did it, and it looks just fine here.

If you the reader (or especially the commenter) see a problem, let The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com know.

November 16, 2006

Spam Karma

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From the "Can-you-tell-I-hate-spam?" Department

At Geof’s suggestion, I’ve installed Spam Karma on Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

Which means, that you should comment, and make sure you are allowed through the uber-spam wall that is now implemented at Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

November 14, 2006

Bad Behavior Upgrade

Filed under: Administrivia,Geek-Fu,IFJ @ 7:56:09 PM
From the "Who-let-the-Spam-out?" Department

I’ve upgraded my Anti-Spam deterrence of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

Regular readers/commenters should take some time to test if they are blocked, as to make sure they are not blocked in the future.

October 27, 2006

WordPress 2.0.5

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From the "And, we're-back!" Department

These Upgrades are getting easier with experience.

Not that any of you should notice, but Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com just updated to WordPress 2.0.5.

So far, so good.

If you notice any adverse behavior (more than normal, that is) please let The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com know.

August 12, 2006

4000th Comment

Filed under: Administrivia @ 9:16:36 PM

It happened while I wasn’t looking, and it was This one.

August 5, 2006

Another Milestone

Filed under: Administrivia,Mindless Banter @ 1:15:11 AM
From the "4000-peices-of-sub-mindless-banter" Department

Just an FYI:
Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com is creeping up on 4000 REAL comments!

You Go! all you guys!

July 28, 2006

It’s not like we have a choice

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From the "So-I-say 'Let's-give-it-to-them!'" Department

Before the day is over, I just wanted to celebrate System Administrator Day by upgrading my WordPress install to WordPress 2.0.4.

Thank you for your patience.

And go hug a system administrator, because today, The Dark Cabal that Controls Everything has declared this a geek-holiday.

June 9, 2006


Filed under: Administrivia @ 11:30:30 AM
From the "Nothing-to-see-here, please-move-along" Department

Some how WordPress double tapped this article, and I ended up with two Geno’s posts for the price of one.

Chalk this up as a Web 2.0 bug.

Could this be called a Mash-up?

Ah well, now its a place holder (I didn’t have the heart to delete it and lose Article #1423)

May 16, 2006


Filed under: Administrivia,Rants @ 6:03:34 PM Tags:
From the "Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com-is-7337!" Department

Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com was HACKED!

I can hardly believe it.

I’m worthy to be hackable now.

May 3, 2006

*questioning look*

Filed under: Administrivia,Mindless Banter @ 1:09:59 AM
From the "What-visitors-lurk-in-the-hearts-of-Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com?" Department

I’ve been looking over my site logs and I’m seeing a lot more readers from Tucson AZ based IPs than usual. Several that I cannot account for…

*Starts to page through the various IDs*

  • xyntera.com
  • cox.com, from a Macintosh of all things (I’m looking at you Tim)
  • Xspedius Communications Co.
  • comcast (I’m looking at you The-Evil-Doctor-Merlin-Channing-Lowe-Jr.)
  • And several too many Cox.com accounts…

This post is to let you know, “I see you!”

April 6, 2006

Mystery Solution

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From the "What-are-we-gonna-do?! There's-no-words!" Department

Well, the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Vernacular Glossary is working again.

No, I didn’t do anything to break or fix it. (Can you say “Server Side Error”?)

Now, I need to go back to my previous entries/comments and enter the Vernacular code that I intentionally left out.

Update: Or is it?
Update 2: False Alarm, all is well.

March 31, 2006

More JG-dot-com Malfunctions

Filed under: Administrivia,Geek-Fu,Rants @ 12:57:39 AM
From the "SQL-that-doesn't-'Seek-well'" Department

You may have noticed (but I hope not) that the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Vernacular module is not working. I fear this is a result of the server hijinx from Sunday.

March 29, 2006

Usability Studies

Filed under: Administrivia @ 11:19:36 AM
From the "We-appreciate-your-suggestions-and-feedback, We're-forwarding-your-request-to-our-Product-Developers-for-investigation" Department

Okay, I’ve been doing this Week-at-a-Glance thing on Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com for awhile. I’m not sure if I like it or not, so I’m asking you, the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com reader for some post-deployment-feedback.

March 26, 2006


Filed under: Administrivia,Geek-Fu,Laments,Rants @ 1:15:24 PM
From the "This-is-for-what-you-did-to-my-Brother!" Department

Once again, my webhost decided to go belly up.

March 24, 2006

Irish Spam Revival?

Filed under: Administrivia @ 1:56:40 PM
From the "It's-made-in-Chernobyl, Spam!" Department

Is it just me, or have the Spammers come in full force this week?

Ever since St. Patricks Day, I’ve been getting countless amounts of E-mail, Trackback, and Comment Spam at Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

March 8, 2006

My Favorite Page

Filed under: Administrivia @ 1:34:03 AM
From the "This-is-dedicated-to..." Department

As I referenced in the last post, I was re-vamping the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com About pages.

My least favorite of the existing pages was the “Whom do you Trust” page. I needed a page for one of the six critical questions, and I just didn’t have a theme for it. But as I revampted it, I had a great idea.

I hope you like it too!

Whom do you Trust?

March 7, 2006

Behind the Curtain

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From the "Too-many-brands-in-the-fire" Department

Not much of an update today. Because I’ve been revamping some of the extra pages to fit the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com theme.
It will take me awhile (and each page is increasing my post count [and I don’t quite like that -.ed])

March 2, 2006


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From the "Mystery-Comment-Theater-Three-Thousand" Department

Don’t look now, but Dad just made the 3000th Comment on Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

Seems fitting that my biggest fan made the milestone comment.

February 24, 2006

Now with more Front Page Text

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From the "Its-been-one-week-since-you-looked-at-me" Department

Okay, I’ll try this synchronism thing.

What you now see is a week’s worth of posts on the front page.

I’ll try it out, and see if I like it or not. (I can always go back with the press of a button)

February 23, 2006

Would you Believe

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From the "Tree-Tau-sand" Department

…we’re already nearing the 3000th comment?

Pending: Layout Change?

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From the "Look-what-you've-done" Department

I’ve been tossing around a potential change to Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com the past few weeks.

Several people have expressed some concern over the fact that I only show one day’s worth of posts on the front page.
This is a major diversion from the typical blog, which often show a long list of posts, spanning weeks at a time.

I happen to like the “daily page” format, but I’m wondering if I’m being obstinate in my site design.

Because, after all, I only write this Mindless Banter, its you folks who have to read it.

February 8, 2006

WordPress 2.0.1

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From the "So-what-is-a-point-oh-point-one-release?" Department

Just upgraded Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to the latest release of WordPress.

I didn’t fix any of the bugs I’ve recently discovered (So I guess I need to log them, so they DO get fixed)


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From the "All-dressed-up-and-nowhere-to-go" Department

I made an executive Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com decision. I’ve deactivated the various themes of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

If you are using a theme, right now, The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com highly suggest moving back to the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Theme [When you next refresh it will be the default theme], as these will be ultimately deactivated soon.

February 2, 2006

There and Back Again

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From the "But-you-can-never-leave..." Department

We’re Back

More Later


January 31, 2006

Cisco-Fornia Dreamin

From the "Welcome-to-the-Hotel-Ciscofornia" Department

Yet another Tour-de-Jeremy is in progress, and The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com are moving Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Vicinity to a remote location.

January 20, 2006

Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com :: 4 Years

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From the "Four-Years, and one-thousand-one-hundred-and-eighty-nine articles-later" Department

Its amazing, last year at this date Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com was celebrating 3-years of bloghood; today, a year later, it celebrates 4-years!

It is amazing how time and space work.

Even more amazing, 2 Years ago the SAME Website celebrated 2-years!

What are the odds that a website celebrates an anniversary on the SAME EXACT DAY?
Awhile back, Randy asked the perennial question: Why do you blog?
I ask myself that question everyday.

January 7, 2006

What happen?

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From the "What-you-say?" Department

Somehow, somewhere, in the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com web-architecture; the mySQL server went FOOM.

(FOOM is a technical term. It looks and sounds like something blowing up, but without the combustion of blowing up. It can involve smoke.)
[Okay, I had to add that to the Vernacular Glossary Database (Which also uses the same broken mySQL) – ed.]

January 5, 2006

Sic Transit Spam

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From the "SPAM, I-buy-it-at-the-Moble, Spam" Department

In the everpresent quest to prevent spam comments from plaguing Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com; The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com have added yet another layer of anti-spam protection.

January 3, 2006

WordPress 2.0

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From the "Point-five-over-night" Department

I just updated Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to the recently released Version 2.0. It wasn’t all that difficult of an upgrade, and Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com visitors should not see anything different. (Most of the changes were done in the back end)


January 2, 2006

Returning again, for the first time

From the "Something-about-the-ages" Department

Ironic, that Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Vicinity should be returning to Tucson today.

Ten Years ago today, January 2, 1996; The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com and their trusty Chevy Cavalier rolled into their new home, after a mighty-mighty Tour-de-Jeremy road trip across the United States (part of which was chronicled here.)


December 26, 2005


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From the "Please-Stand-By" Department

Though I doubt this has happened, I regret to inform the readers of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com that The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com have not be receiving E-mail through the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com domain.

The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com are currently dealing with the support techs at the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com webprovider, to resolve this issue. The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com are very certain the issue is with the provider’s servers, and not The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

December 24, 2005

Air Jeremy

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From the "Re-Entry" Department

By the time you read this, I should be in the sky, en route to Philadelphia International.

But do not fret, I shall be blogging off, and on, during my vacation.

I’m sure something interesting will happen during that time.

December 21, 2005

Back in the Saddle

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From the "These-pipes-are-clean" Department

In joyous elation, the trials and tribulations have ceased, and Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com is back in business. It has been a troublesome couple of weeks, but after today’s visit to the doctor, everything is great and good.

December 12, 2005

No words

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From the "No-More-Words, Tonight, No-More-Words" Department

If you don’t know already, I’ve not been feeling so great, thanks to events that took place on Friday.
Its a struggle just to do daily stuff.

So no words for awhile.

I’ll be back. Just give me a few weeks.

We’ll call it a Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Christmas break!

November 22, 2005

Across the Fruited Plain

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From the "Stand-in-the-place-where-you-are; (now-face-west)" Department

Several websites [Allison, and the Commissar] have pointed me in the direction of Frapper, a neat little Google-Maps-hack.

So I thought I’d hack this little geeky gimmick into Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com:

The Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Frappr Map

October 26, 2005

Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Metrics

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From the "Voice-of-the-Customer" Department

As with most Blog authors, I’ve been watching the attention paid to Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com over the past 3-years-and-change.
As Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com is kind of a variety website (a no-no amoung most professional bloggers) there is a lot of subjects covered here. (Chalk that up to my divisive and er.. diverse, personality!)

As you can see from my categories, I’ve had quite a lot to talk about, everything from Book/Movie/TV Reviews, to life in the cubicle jungle, to politics and even some religion. (The last two are dreaded no-nos in most internet etiquite guides, but I just point to my disclaimer below.)

So, what tracks the most attention/response? That is the question I’ve often asked myself.

I mean, I’ve got an acceptable amount of traffic, and a fine group of regular commenters (Yes, even you Cisco), and its clear to The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com that some entries are far more engaging than others.

October 18, 2005

So you want to be a main stream blogger?

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From the "Check-blog Check-email Check-site-meter Check-blogs-and-news-websites Repeat" Department

Saw this article on Wizbang, and Samantha Burns.

Concurring-Opinions :: A Day in the Life of Blogging

Um, … no comment.

October 14, 2005

The Tour-de-Jeremy is over

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From the "I'm-on-my-way; I'm-on-my-way; Home-Sweet-Home" Department

Home sweet home.

Just got back into the house just moments ago. Poured myself a relaxing tasty adult beverage, looked over my 2 days worth of snail mail, and now posting to let everyone know I made it back safe.

October 13, 2005


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From the "The-Tour-de-Jeremy" Department

The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com are on a “Road Trip” for the next few days, as the Not-So-Small-Software-Organization is sending us from our own cubicle jungle to the cubicle jungle of our co-workers Cisco (who is becoming a frequent commenter here) and Neil (who comments not so much) in the greater-Sacremento-area.

It should be a fun trip (and it better be, from all the cat herding that went on Tuesday Morning). It will be my first business trip since the cubicle jungle sent us to Virgina back in December 2001.

September 22, 2005

National De-Lurker Day

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From the "I-know-you’re-out-there-somewhere; Somewhere, somewhere; I-know-I’ll-find-you-somehow; Somehow, somehow; And-somehow-I’ll-return-again-to-you" Department

You know who you are.
You visit Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com subversively.

I know you are out there, I can hear you breathing.

Hattip: The Politburo Diktat

August 27, 2005

More WordPress Updates

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From the "One-point-five-point-two" Department

Late Friday Night, I enjoied some Geek-Downtime and finally got around to updating Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to WordPress 1.5.2.

I’m getting the hang of these updates. Given good bandwidth it takes about 15-20 minutes to backup, delete, upload and run the Upgrade protocol. (Ironically, it takes about 20 minutes for The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to compile a weekly report on the cubicle jungle for the rest of the Not-So-Small-Software-Organization.)

August 23, 2005


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From the "The-Rules-of-Acquisition" Department

YAY! The Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Store made its first legit sale!

Seems that someone was so determined to acquire a Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com 404ed Mug, back in the latest contest.

This humble site has now ventured into the realm of web-capitalism!

August 16, 2005


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From the "2000-Flushes" Department

In the wake of the 1000th Post, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com is about to celebrate the 2000th comment.

In celebration of the event, the 2000th (non-spam) comment will be awarded a Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com 404ed Mug

Good Luck!

August 5, 2005

Go Google Yourself

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This is going around the net, I thought it was cute.

I wont use this myself, as I have my own Google Page

But Check out the Create your Own Google Logo

August 3, 2005

Live Steaming Slashdot

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From the "There's-more-than-one-way-to-Skin-Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com" Department

After seeing some tweaking by The-Roommate-Formerly-Known-as-Matthew-Maynard, on his site, color me inspired!

So I treked over to Alex-King-dot-org to download some that tickled my fancy.

July 29, 2005

To the Blogroll

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From the "Do-you-have-a-source-on-that, Juan?" Department

I’ve added another read to my news feeder as of late, Independent Sources. I was tipped off to this site several weeks ago, from some of the other network of blogs I regularly read, but I was pleased to see some attention yesterday On my CAFTA post.

So the insider contacted me, and requested a link exchange (a virtual handshake, if you will) and thus the link-share was born.

July 25, 2005

The JG-dot-com Hall of Shame

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From the "And-coming-in-at-Number-1-on-the-bottom-40..." Department

You may have noticed, I’ve added a new section to the SideBar.

Thanks to Alex King’s Popularity-Contest-Plugin I’ve got some nifty reports.

July 12, 2005

1000th Post!

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It is hard to believe, but this marks the 1000th post of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.
Hard to believe, isn’t it?

When I started this site on January 20, 2002, I never thought that 1000 posts later, I would still be going strong. (And stronger than I imagined back in the tidewaters of those early days.)

1000 posts
3 years and 6 months.

… Wow!

July 11, 2005

JRG:Guest Blogging

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From the "I-am-over-here, ... Now-I-am-over-here" Department

The-Roommate-Formerly-know-as-Matthew-Maynard is on vacation, and this morning he asked me in so many words to keep the signal-to-noise ratio to a managable level while he and Jen are away.

June 26, 2005


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From the "Here-is-that-unrequested-information-you-requested" Department

The story so far…
I Abhor spam.
Its the lowest form of evil in the known universe. Its subversive, its toxic, its the embodiment of all that is evil and discusting in the marketing universe. Its the worst manifestation of the Bottom-Dwelling blood-sucking marketing Leeches

Anyways, I was the target (like most other major WordPress users) of trackback spam. It was awful, so bad that a few of you might have noticed it.

June 22, 2005

Plugin Error

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From the "You-mean-this-unlabled-non-intuative-button-over-here?" Department

AH HA! I finally found the annoying little tweak that caused all my autoformatted [br] tages to suddenly un-auto-format.

It was that “Markdown” plugin that comes, default, with WordPress.

June 20, 2005


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From the "PHP-for-Dummies" Department

I finally got around to the WordPress Upgrade (
[For those of you keeping score, that is more than I had before]

The Upgrade was quite simple. I’m liking these new themes, no need to horde my code away so that it doesn’t get overwritten.

May 25, 2005

A Delightful Alternative to 404 Not Found

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From the "Does-this-make-me-an-image-spammer?" Department

Having a website has some strange sideeffects. One of these things is that people take your content and publish them on their own sites (Almost claiming YOUR content for theirs) (And using your bandwidth in the process)

Granted, I’m guilty of this too, but there are some images I’ve been getting mucho hits on, but with no actual visits to my site.

I’ve found a solution:

May 2, 2005

Bad Blogger

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From the "There's-gonna-be-a-record-of-you-someday" Department

Please accept the most sincerest apologies from The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com. We had to pick up a few extra tasks at work, and of course, personal blogging was one of the numerous activities which had to be cut.

But we are feeling much better now!

April 15, 2005


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From the "Stand-in-the-place-where-you-live, now-face-west" Department

Some of you have E-mailed me regarding the fact that Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com was truncated. (I see that Internet Explorer doesn’t quite like my brand of Cascading Style Sheets… switch to Mozilla.)

I think I resolved the issue.

Take another look and see if the issue still persists

Thank you for your patience.

April 4, 2005

Blog-o-Sphere-ical Wave Flux

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From the "Gaussian-Blog-Mechanics" Department

I picked up a new regular read this weekend, via the Opinion Journal.

Bridget Johnson of the L.A. Daily News.


March 31, 2005

Moral Dillema

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From the "Spam-Lies-and-Video-Tape" Department

Scandal! Coverup! Investigations! Clandestine Cyber-sleuthing! Diabolical Methods! – Is this another Clinton Scandal? Karl Rove is on the move? No. This is WordPress!

Uh oh. It seems the geniuses behind the webpublishing software I use are doing some “diabolical” things.

I saw this article on h-t-t-p-colon forward-slash forward-slash slash-dot-dot-org: WordPress Banned by Google for Spamming

March 9, 2005

Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Departments

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From the "Where-can-I-find-the-Redundancy-Department?" Department

A lot of you (okay ONE of you) have asked about the strange Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Department nomenclature:

Or, you may or may not have noticed the quirky Department names that appear under the meta-headings of most recent posts which appear on Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com.

Well, it shouldn’t be a secret that the Departments are just made up at the time of the post. Most are just second ideas for titles for individual posts. Others are just something unique and funny to a select few readers who might stumble by, others are inside jokes. Some are funny, others are not.

Or did you think that The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com had endless resources in Page Generation, bureaucraticly delegated to hundreds of different departments of Pontifications and Mindless Banter?

March 8, 2005

Upgrade in Progress

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From the "I-Dream-in-PHP" Department

Please Pardon our dust, as our WP1.5 Upgrade is proceeding

Please Stand By

Comments do not appear to be working.
Please be patient. I know you have a lot to say.

March 6, 2005

Geek of the Week

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From the "Geeks, what-would-you-do-without-em?" Department

I’ve been geeked! I bet you are asking yourself what that means, aren’t ya?

I say: Its about time that the accomplishments of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com be appreciated!
*cough* Sheesh, I can’t even take myself seriously.

March 2, 2005

Spammer Fun

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From the "Geeks: What-would-you-do-without-them?" Department

It’s a good geek-day when your kronic [sic] spammer makes statements like this in their spamvertizements:

February 21, 2005

March Madness: Spam Edition

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From the "I-don't-remember-requesting-this-information?" Department

This weekend, on both my WordPress sites, there was a mild spammer skirmish. There were no casualties, and we appear to be in the midst of a cease fire.

Seeing that both my sites were subversively attacked, I thought there might be an enemy campaign afoot. So I wondered if other WordPress users might want to compare notes:

January 28, 2005

Wow, has it really been a week?

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From the "Rumors-of-my-death-have-been-greatly-exaggerated" Department

No, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com is NOT out of business.

If you have been pinging Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, all this week; I humbly apologize. Its not that I’ve been avoiding blogging, its been a hectic week is all.

January 20, 2005

Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com :: 3 Years

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From the "Three-years!" Department

Its another Blog Birthday. Amazingly enough, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com has been around for 3 years.

Three years ago, today, I took a tired useless domain name and posted my First Entries.

In the first year, I posted 120 articles.
In the second year, I posted 250 articles.
Guess What… this year, I posted 478. That is more than one per day!
(Though, I think I skipped a number, or two, so these reports still remian unofficial)

January 17, 2005

Third Partys

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From the "Comments? We-don't-need-no-stinkin' comments!" Department

I don’t talk too much about my website in my everyday life. Its an online thing, and my everyday life is not an online thing. I don’t TRY to keep the two avenues seperate, but I really don’t see a need to visit frequent intersections between the two. At the same time, I don’t attempt to hide my online life from my everyday life. Most of the time, my friends don’t find my online publication very entertaining. (There are exceptions, of course.) But think about it, who needs a virtual version of Jeremy R. Gilby when the real thing is RIGHT THERE!

So imagine my surprise when one of my friends used some of my JG-dot-com Vernacular

January 12, 2005

2004: According to Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com

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From the "Your-teacher-TOLD-you-not-to-just-read-the-Cliff's Notes-version" Department

Take the first sentence of each month, and what do you get?

…I don’t know either.

Meme stollen from Allison

December 22, 2004

Database Error

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From the "For-all-you-other-Word-Press-Geeks-out-there" Department

Hey, remember when my website decided to have a stroke? Well I finally found the answer.

December 18, 2004


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From the "Please-Stand-By" Department

Well, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com was offline for almost 24 hours. Looks like something at my Webhost threw up.

November 27, 2004

Black Friday Indeed

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From the "From-the-Marketing-Department-with-Love" Department

The WordPress Spammers are burning the midnight oil (and causing me to burn mine)

Just before the kick off of the 2004 Holiday Season, the Spammers have infiltrated my E-mail Firewall, and have been flooding my comments with a bunch of crap.

Granted, you don’t see them, cause I’ve got enough deterrents in place, but I get an E-mail every time its tried…

October 19, 2004

Spam, its pink and its oval, Spam

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From the "The-Government's-substitute-for-meat" Department

Seems the comment spammers are drooling over the fact that I’ve got a new web-publisher, as a rather deviant (yet-unintelligent) spammer is climbing up my post count (from #1 to today) and dropping idiotic little Reader’s Digest quotables with his link to a texas holdem website.

Well, he’s dropping enough clues to block, so his comments are being held in the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Bermuda Triangle (The place where Spam goes to die)

October 14, 2004

Pardon our Dust

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From the "Holy-HTML-to-PHP-Batman!" Department

Yes, this is still Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, we’re just going through some changes.

You might run across some pages with the old template.

DON’T PANIC: This will be corrected too.

Good-bye Greymatter,
Welcome to WordPress

August 31, 2004

We’re Back

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From the "Welcome-Back Welcome-Back Welcome...Back...." Department

Its back to work for this tired body.

Saturday was marked by 15 hours of heavy lifting, and moving. It was quite a lot.
I should have eaten more, I was concentrating too much on trying not to dehydrate, I forgot to eat.
I ended up looking like a Zombee late Saturday night and crashed into my unmade bed at 10:00 pm.

August 27, 2004

More Downtime

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From the "The-System-Is-Down" Department

In accordance with my announcement of The Big Move, I have to take down the network at home, and will thus cut-myself-off from all internet access.

I think I can cope.

Plus I’ll be really busy with the last of the packing, the actual moving, and the ultimate unpacking.

August 24, 2004

U-Haul or Bust

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From the "Life-does-not-fit-in-a-box" Department

The guys and I are working on packing up our lives and moving to a new house.

(Yes, this is my official announcement. I’m moving this weekend.)

So I’ve been spending a lot of my free time puting my life into compartmentalized boxes.

August 18, 2004

Vernacular Glossary

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From the "What-did-he-say-again?" Department

This has been in the works for awhile, but I was trying to find a cheap (Cheap as in Free) and easy way to implement a way to catalogue my Unique Vernacular.

The Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Vernacular Glossary

Now I can easily define my hyper-extended common language, and sarcastic passive tense, without having to destroy the context of the article, and you, the reader, can simply click the blue-ish link.

August 4, 2004

Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Weather Balloon

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From the "Robot-Roll-Call" Department

Okay, I’m going over my activity logs, and I’m seeing some unusual behavior, which suggests that Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com has more readers then I know about.

So this is what I propose, I’d like to do a roll-call to see who is indeed reading Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com
1) First, to stay any paranoia
2) Second, to feed my curiousity

So, if you are a regular (or even a casual) reader of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, please leave a short comment, or E-mail RollCall@JeremyGilbyS.com. (Leave the Last S off for Spam)

I’ll leave this up for a few days, just so everyone sees it.
That’s all.
Please, move along.

July 27, 2004


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From the "When-GreyMatter-Just-Gets-Boring" Department

At Geof’s suggestion, I’ve implemented WordPress over at the Geek-Project that is lovingly called Geek-Brigade-dot-com.

July 26, 2004


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From the "Just-when-you-thought-it-was-safe-to-have-a-Personal-Domain-Name" Department

If this works, “Jeremy” will not be the only author on Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com

(Yeah, its still me, I’m just playing with some things.)

July 15, 2004

Reading is Fundamental

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From the "On-The-Bookshelf" Department

Quite a few of you have been curious as to what I’ve got “on deck” or “in progress” in the reading department.

So, I put together this Dynamic database page for your curiousity:

Jeremy R. Gilby’s Reading List

It also has a link to the database of completed books that I’ve enjoied (or not enjoied).

Share and Enjoy!

June 21, 2004


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From the "News-from-that-Other-Website" Department

Well, I’m semi-pleased to report that my first weblog has finally been discarded. Once called Baron-Carlos-dot-com, this domain name is now free to roam on the internet, able to be picked up by the highest bidder.

No, I didn’t want it anymore.

June 9, 2004


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From the "What-da--?" Department

Some time last night, all my posts from yesterday (Searchy Fun) and (Venus Transit) were erased from my Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com account.

May 26, 2004

Last one today, I promise.

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From the "Links-Updates-and-other-Administrivia" Department

While I was flying home, I also updated my Links Page a.k.a. “Where are you Going?”.

I organized it a bit, added a few new ones, and such and such.

The System is DOWN

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From the "The-System-is-Down, Yo!" Department

Stinking Internet Providers.

*Jeremy catches up on all his lack of posting*

Flying Home

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From the "Two-Posts-In-One!" Department
    Note: This post is late, as I’ve been struggling to get Internet Access :: See Future Posts

Not only is that what I’m doing. (Well, technically, I’ll be posting this after I land.) But its also the first song ever recorded by my favorite Tenor Saxophone player of all time, Illinois Jacquet.

May 20, 2004

Spirit of Pennsylvania

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From the "Go-East-Young-Man" Department

Well, its that time.

Rachael is about to be christened, and Ang and Joe have given me the honor of being the godfather.
(I’m trying to decide if I’m going to be the Marlon Brando Godfather, or the Al Pachino Godfather, or just split the difference and be the Robert De Niro version.)

I do know that I’m taking the title of “The Crazy Uncle”

May 13, 2004

500th Post

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Can you believe it?

This post is #500 of the Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com set. To celebrate, I thought I’d provide a Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Hall of Fame.

But first some Administrivia:

  • By My Calucaltions, this website has been active for 2 years and 19 weeks, meaining that there have been 4 posts per week. (You might have noticed that entries are slowly becoming semi-daily)
  • As of this post, there have been 335 Comments, on 92 articles. (Not including Articles with zero comments, and not including Spam which I deleted) giving an average of 3.6 comments per article. I’ve only started this trend of allowing comments, so it seems like I’ll let the trend continue.


April 6, 2004

Everyone Knows when you are down and out

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From the "Friends-don't-let-friends-maul-people-who-make-viruses" Department

Sorry for the downtime. Been dealing with a rather annoying computer issue here at work.

Searchy Fun is coming, don’t worry, I just haven’t had the time to think about it too long.

March 14, 2004

Under the Ban

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Yesterday I got my first portion of Comment Spam. I almost feel proud that I’ve had a weblog over 2 years and this is the FIRST instance of such internet sewage.

Part of my defense is probably the lack of allowance for comments to the individual posts, that is until recently.

February 9, 2004

Project Time

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Over the weekend, after a very taxing time switching Web Providers, I’ve relaunched GeekBrigade-dot-com. Instead of focusing on the “Geek House” aspect, I’ve torqued the theme around to suggest more of a web community (Cubicle Jungles and the like).

And per Stinkin’ Rick’s insistent pressing, I’ve added a Forum.

Where and how this site will go is still in the air.

We will see

January 31, 2004

January 2004

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Jeremy-Gilby-Dot-Com has had at least one new post every day for the month of January.

Not only that, but currently there is a streak since December 26th.

In Just January alone there were 37 articles (including this one) in 31 days.
This is currently both the longest streak, and the most articles ever posted in a single month.

I’m quite proud of myself!

January 20, 2004

Jeremy-Gilby-Dot-Com::2 Years

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Today is the 2 year Anniversary of Jeremy-Gilby-Dot-Com.
While the domain name itself has been active for almost 4 years, it was on January 20, 2002, I launched Greymatter on the cgi-bin directory, and entered My First Articles.

And today this is entry 370, thus suggesting that I’ve entered an article just slightly more frequently then every 2 days.
An interesting fact: The first year, I entered 120 articles, the second year I entered over twice as many and entered 250 articles.

One thing that people often ask me is:
Why do you have a website?

January 10, 2004

Geek-O-Sphere Updates

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The Primary PC was begging for some more attention (As “Morden” was given an upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows XP Pro). So since I had the afternoon to kill, I downloaded Mandrake 9.2 and installed that on “Kosh” (The Primary Linux Box in my Geek-O-Sphere at home).

Now he’s a lot more streamlined.

December 19, 2003

Format and Install

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After four+ years of operation, I came to a conclusion that my secondary box needed to be formatted and upgraded.

(Aside: I love formating harddrives with Windows installed on them.)

October 15, 2003

Yeah, count them, four

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Today, October 15, 2003, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, hosted four unique posts in a single day

Yeah, count them, four!

This is the first, and probably the last time, this has happened.


September 30, 2003

Internet Free Jeremy

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Alright, that is enough ranting for one week.

I thought a little parody would be in order.

You have all heard of Radio Free Europe.

Well, now you can say you have heard of Internet Free Jeremy.

One of many beacons of truth against all that is evil and marketing.

September 8, 2003

The People have Spoken

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Well, after the quick Weather Ballon Test from last week, there seems to be a consensus that Comments should be allowed on Jeremy-Gilby.com.

September 5, 2003


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Due to technical difficulties, caused by some rerouting of the GeekBrigade. I’ll be away from any online PCs for the next few days.

This is not a closure of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com, just a slight delay

Please Stand By.

Feel free to talk amoungst yourselves, I’ll give you a few topics:

August 28, 2003

Geek-O-Sphere Update

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With all this training around Hardware, I had to jump at the opportunity to purchase some items on sale. Cause a good Geek-O-Sphere needs frequent upgrades.

July 28, 2003

Wishlist Fun

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A visitor, who will remain anonymous, graciously visited my wishlist and purchased one of the non-fiction books on my list.

I’ve already said thank-you, but I figure I should also make it public.

July 8, 2003


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Slow day today, as I prep for some long awaited time off.

I torqued around the GuestBook Pages in the Contact Section (a.k.a. Why are you here?).

I cleaned up a few spelling mistakes and added a description, here and there.
And more imporatantly, I gave credit, where credit is due, to the backend database service which powers my custom guestbook.

QuickBase: If you don’t like it, you are not using it enough.

July 6, 2003


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If you havn’t noticed, I’ve been posting a lot to Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com the past few weeks.

In fact, this post marks 15 straight daily posts, the first of this streak being June 22, 2003.

Even more interesting, over the past 33 days, (June 3rd, through today) Jeremy-Gilby-Dot-Com has seen 26 posts.

So far, I think its a pretty good pace.

This also means, you have probably missed some pretty good stuff.

So I suggest you check out the Archives for what you missed.

Share and Enjoy!

July 5, 2003

200th Post

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As you can tell from the header, this is the 200th post on JeremyGilby.com.

When I reorganized this site on January 20th 2002, after moving the hosting to iPowerWeb, there have been 200 peices of mindless banter displayed here. Still, I’m keeping at a pace slightly more then 2 postings a week. (Even though two days I posted twice) and I deleted one Post.

I thought I would share a few of the fan favorites, and of course, some of my own.

June 5, 2003

Book’em Danno!

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Three in a row.
I must be on a roll.

Added another link to the FAQ Page.

What are your favorite books?.

Share and Enjoy!

June 4, 2003

Authoring Update

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After much compunction from the Jeremy-Gilby-Dot-Com readership, I’ve decided to start updating the links on the FAQ Page.

Last night I updated the Who Are your Favorite Authors?

I hope to have the rest of the questions answered before the next State of the Geek address, next friday, on June 13.

Share and Enjoy.

May 22, 2003

JeremyGilby dot com – Still Good in China

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You have probably heard me rant this line more then once in the past couple of months.

A few months ago, I ran across This Article on Slashdot.org, regarding the Chinese Firewall preventing its citizens from accessing certain domain names on the internet. (And the list is growing.)

JeremyGilby-dot-com was not on the list then.

Now after further research, I have determined that yes, JeremyGilby-dot-com is still good in China..

March 6, 2003

New Mirror

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With all the traffic that has been crossing JeremyGilby.com, it has come to my attention that I need a mirror site in case the system is down.

So announcing:

The First Mirror for JeremyGilby.com

Courtesy of mirror.systes.org

February 19, 2003


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I took a few minutes, and updated my resume. The file is now uploaded to my Resume Page:

Jeremy R. Gilby’s Resume.

It has been a while since this has been updated, cause I relized I had to add my Process Excellence Training from 2001.

(If you don’t know what Six Sigma is, this put GE and Motorola back on the Corporate Map.)

January 23, 2003


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I wondered if someone had put a listing of websites by geograhy. It turnes out that the GeoURL ICBM Address Server has done just that.

January 1, 2003

Happy New Year

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This Post is designed for three purposes:

  • Serve as the First Post on JeremyGilby.com for the year 2003
  • Wish Everyone a Happy 2003
  • Tell the people who care that I returned home safe and sound.

Lets get back to work!

December 13, 2002

100th Post

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As you can tell from the header, this is the 100th post on JeremyGilby.com.

When I reorganized this site on January 20th, after moving the hosting to iPowerWeb, there have been 100 peices of mindless banter displayed here. Slightly more then 2 postings a week. (Even though one day I posted twice.)

I thought I would share a few of the fan favorites, and of course, some of my own.

December 5, 2002

Navigation Goodness

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Well, I was tinkering around the lastest wave of new browsers to come out, with my co-worker Keith, and we made an interesting discovery.

In both Opera 7, and the Mozilla, there is a XUL feature called the “Site Navigation Bar”.

Essentially, special code in the HTML of the page enables standardized buttons to appear in the Site Navigation Bar, when activated.

Keith and I did a little exploring and discovered the text of this code, and now, it is a new feature on JeremyGilby.com.

October 7, 2002

Page Update

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I finally got around to populating my About Geeks Page, in the About section (ie. “Who Are You?”)

Some of you will remember this disseration from previous conversations, or previous websites.

Now, it is here for the prosperity of JeremyGilby.com

Share and Enjoy!

October 2, 2002


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What an interesting project of WeBLOG culture.


If you are interested, you can see the Family History of JeremyGilby.com

June 17, 2002

More Content!

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I was bored this weekend, and decided to do some sprucing up of the place:

Most of this was in response to the repetative E-mails that I have been receiving in regards to new populations who just stumbled on the site. (And to deflect some of the more odd E-mail traffic I have been receiving.)

Hey, I work in Support Deflection, I might as well put my trade into practice.

June 13, 2002

State of the Geek (2002)

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And now, for entirely unimportant reasons, I would like to give my 28th annual State of the Geek address.

The occasion for this address is the fact that the Earth is in a special position in its yearly orbit of the sun.

For those of you who don’t quite understand, just keep reading. As I mentioned, it is entirely unimportant.

January 20, 2002

Coming together

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This is about the 5th or 6th Web Site I have put together, using GreyMatter (see link on right). And by far, either the web host, through personal problems on my part, I have had the hardest time with this.

Plus, I’m doing some unconventional things with some of the supporting pages, using GreyMatter templates to populate the “Standard entities” on each page.

Well, for tonight, Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com is almost functional. It is missing a few of the bells and whistles that I would like (CGI scripts mostly), but there is at least stuff to read.

Plus, it proves to people that I’m alive.

More to come!

A Brave New World

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From the "Hello-World" Department

Welcome to the new and improved Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com!

If this is your first time here, welcome to my virtual corner of the World Wide Web.

If this is your second time here, we thank you for your vigilance and tenacity.

If this is your third time here, have you considered counseling?

Regardless, we always appreciate new visitors and hope that you keep checking in, as things here will always be in motion.

Hello World!

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Hello World!

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