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Pontifications and Other Mindless Banter

July 2, 2003

Biography Pop Quiz

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This is a quote for a Presidential Biographer:

    “[This President] was not passive as much as he was a shrewd master of indirection, speaking in homespun homilies rather then regid directives, temporizing with characteristic caution, until the time came to act.”

Also, the same President described as:

    “Third Rate Lawyer”
    Devoid of Presidential Stature
    “a man in the habit of making coarse and clumsy jokes”
    “the original baboon”
    “a western hick”
    Someone who used his uncomfortable native vernacular, and slow drawl

Any guesses? Sound familiar?
I will not say if this President is still alive, or if he was likely President in your lifetime, or not.

  • George H.W. Bush?
  • Andrew Jackson?
  • Lyndon Johnson?
  • George W. Bush?
  • None of the Above?

I’ll give you another hint:
He was the sitting President during our greatest national crisis.

Need another hint?

His name was mentioned many times during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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