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July 7, 2003

Origins of the GrillMaster

Filed under: Personal @ 10:17:01 AM

People who know me in real life, know that I enjoy grilling at Bar-B-Ques. And, I’m pretty good at it.

Give me some charcoal, mesquite, and maybe some alluminum foil, and I can cook pretty much anything to satisfaction. [Meat, Seafood, Shellfish, Turkeys (the big ones), Vegetables (Corn on the Cob, Potatoes, and Onions are a specialty), marinated, unmarinated, spiced, natural, whatever.]

Most of my friends call me, “The GrillMaster”, and mean it.

At large events, I’ve been asked, “Why do you like grilling so much?”

And I’ll tell the story, but usually the inquirer is more interested in the peice of food I’m cooking for them, and leave before the story is complete.

Which doesn’t bother me, cause I have a rule when it comes to grilled food, such as steak, which is part of the story I will share below:

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