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Pontifications and Other Mindless Banter

July 9, 2003

This is too easy…

Filed under: Rants,Science @ 8:20:18 AM

I received this E-mail last night in regards to my posts on the nonescence of Nibiru:

No edits, this is the original formatting and punctuation:

actually most of your information is inaccurate… as the lizards probley dont excist your date on when this is suppsoed to happen is completly off… its supposed to happen 2012 december 21 the end of the mayan calender…. which you forgot to inclued many civilizations realized this before you even knew you existed… regarless if its trueor not though… you have to right to tell people what to beleive or what not to beleive… for all you know nibiru could be heading up your ass right now… any way i just ask you keep and open mind and get all your facts stright to begin with

While, further E-mail conversation took place, and both parties left feeling thier issues were addressed civilly, I think I should take the time to point out some tips when starting an E-mail debate:

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