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Pontifications and Other Mindless Banter

December 4, 2007

Turns out, there IS a Hops Shortage

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From the "I'm-Hopin' Mad, And-I'm-not-going-to-take-it-anymore!" Department

One of the places where The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com and Company like to hang out is Thunder Canyon Brewery. Its a great place that always has a great selection of fresh beer on tap, all made under the same roof.

Often, for bachelor parties, the best man will often grab a keg from said establishment. And the other month that was the plan. It was October, and TCB had brewed a batch of their Oktoberfest (Which was really good, BTW) so the Best Man wanted a keg of said brew; only to find out they were not providing this flavor in kegs, as “There is a Hops Shortage.”

A WHAT? This was much the discussion during the party, and the following weeks afterward, and we thought it was a joke. How can there be a Hops Shortage?

It was so funny, The-Evil-Doctor-Merlin-Channing-Lowe-Jr. and I started blaming other things on this silly “Hops Shortage”.

Well, turns out, there is:

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