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January 8, 2008

I’m Ron Paul, and I approve this message

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From the "One-of-those-articles-where-the-disclaimer-will-come-in-handy" Department

It has been said before that The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com have fully unendorsed the Presidential Campaign of Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

I would elect Hillary Clinton before I would vote for Ron Paul. That is how I stand.

However, I have several friends across this great land who are in political love with Ron Paul, as he is the most Libertarian of all the candidates on the race.

I have stated that I do like the Libertarian Philosophy, I disagree with its platform, and I’ve never met a Libertarian I didn’t dislike.
Ron Paul is one of those candidates. Ron Paul is quite cozy with the “911 Truthers” (The people who believe that the events of September 11th were an “inside job”) and they are major contributors to his campaign. If Congressman Paul believes this tripe, it is unknown, but the fact that these moonbats are behind him, makes me wary of the candidate.

Over at The New Republic (a Liberal Political Magazine) there was an interesting article that is getting a lot of play on the Right Wing Radio shows.
Angry White Man
I consider this a must read for my politically minded friends who think that Ron Paul is the savior of their precious political process. I do not want this man as the Chief Executive.

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