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September 29, 2005

Get your Free Credit Report

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From the "Congressional-Credit-Rating" Department

While Supplies Last, the offices of Chuck Schumer are providing a free Credit Reports.

(Latests News. The Offices of Chuck Schumer are not doing that anymore.)

In what is being called CHUCKAQUIDDICK (Hattip to Michelle Malkin and Hugh Hewitt) Senator Chuck “Make-Love-not-war to the camera” Schumer, the Chairman of Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (the Senate Group to get Democrats elected to the U.S. Senate) was caught red handed with fraudulently obtaining the credit report of Maryland’s Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele. A very popular black Republican, who is running for the office of Senator from Maryland.

But guess what, this is not only illegal, this is a felony.
And even though Schumer’s office has accepted the “resignation” of two staffers (who were found to have performed the crime), the always-bloviant Chuck Schumer is uncharacteristicly silent about this issue.

And on the other side of the asile, House Majority Leader Tom Delay (a Republican) has been Indicted. What he is indicted for is still in question, as the indictment is unusually vague (and makes no overt charges…) Granted, this looks like a left-wing smear-attack.
My take: I want Delay out of office. I’ve not been thrilled with his politicing (and it IS politics)
As I discussed in my Modernist #3, I dislike politicians who let Politics dictate Policy. At this point, I see Delay as a Political hack (His antics with Gerrymandering in Texas, his hesitancy to trim the Pork from the Federal Budget) and now all these alligations, which are probably true, that he illegally used funds he shouldn’t have.

He needs to get out. Period. Delay has done some good work, but I don’t like his Politics, just like I don’t like the Politics from the other side of the aisle. But Delay’s good work does not outweigh the intollerable political behavior for the gain of the Party, and not the people.

Delay has demanded that there be more integrity in congress. It would be best if he sacrificed himself for that cause.

But it is interesting. Which Story is all over the news, and which havn’t you heard anything about?

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