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January 23, 2006

Axis of Evil

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From the "I-am-the-last-dictator; You-wanted-me-this-way" Department

Our Friends over a Independent Sources pointed us to Parade Magazine’s article on their:

2006 List of the Worst World Dictators

If you don’t know the names on this list, be thankful that you live in such a free country that you don’t need to worry about such third world atrocities:

  1. Omar al-Bashir, Sudan. Age 62. In power since 1989. Last year’s rank: 1
  2. Kim Jong-il, North Korea. Age 63. In power since 1994. Last year’s rank: 2
  3. Than Shwe, Burma (Myanmar). Age 72. In power since 1992. Last year’s rank: 3
  4. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe. Age 81. In power since 1980. Last year’s rank: 9
  5. Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan. Age 67. In power since 1990. Last year’s rank: 15
  6. Hu Jintao, China. Age 63. In power since 2002. Last year’s rank: 4
  7. King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia. Age 82. In power since 1995. Last year’s rank: 5
  8. Saparmurat Niyazov, Turkmenistan. Age 65. In power since 1990. Last year’s rank: 8
  9. Seyed Ali Khamane’i, Iran. Age 66. In power since 1989. Last year’s rank: 18
  10. Teodoro Obiang Nguema, Equatorial Guinea. Age 63. In power since 1979. Last year’s rank: 10
  11. Muammar al-Qaddafi, Libya. [a.k.a. “The Colonel“] Age 63. In power since 1969. Last year’s rank: 6
  12. King Mswati III, Swaziland. Age 37. In power since 1986. Last year’s rank: 11
  13. Isayas Afewerki, Eritrea. Age 59. In power since 1993. Last year’s rank: 17
  14. Aleksandr Lukashenko, Belarus. Age 51. In power since 1994. Last year’s rank: 12
  15. Fidel Castro, Cuba. [a.k.a. “The Beard”] Age 79. In power since 1959. Last year’s rank: 13
  16. Bashar al-Assad, Syria. Age 40. In power since 2000. Last year’s rank: 14
  17. Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan. Age 62. In power since 1999. Last year’s rank: 7
  18. Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia. Age 50. In power since 1995. Last year’s rank: unranked
  19. Boungnang Vorachith, Laos. Age 68. In power since 2001. Last year’s rank: 20
  20. Tran Duc Luong, Vietnam, Age 68. In power since 1997. Last year’s rank: 19

Be sure to read the mini-bios on these guys, it reads like a demon’s resume.

I took note that there are several names missing from this list:

  • Saddam Hussein, Iraq. [a.k.a. “the Mustache”] (he was number 3, back in 2003)
  • Charles Taylor, Liberia. [a.k.a. “Three-Buck Chuck”] (he was number 4, back in 2003)
  • I wonder what happened to them?

And as “Insider” points out:

Once a year or so, Parade comes out with an article worth reading. Today is that day as they have compiled their annual list of the world’s worst dictators. It goes without saying that some commenters on the Parade site added George Bush. If one really thinks he belongs on the list then it it is clear that one has not read the misdeeds that real dictators have committed. If Bush disbands Congress by sending them on one-way trips to re-education camps, executes the members of the Supreme Court that he doesn’t like, and institutes policies that drive the life expectancy of the populace under 40 years old, then he would indeed belong with the others on the list. Until then however such statements are simply asinine hyperbole for the Danny Glovers and Harry Belafontes of the world.


  1. A power ranking for world dictators! Ha! Now I’ve seen it all. Who do you like in the dictate-offs Jeremy?

    One point… the evilest of mice still can’t cause as much damage as the gentlest of elephants. I do agree that the loudmouths on the left that want to villainize everything are being both rediculous and hurtful (not much different than demonizing Carter I would say). But what I think is the underlying and valid point is simply that elephants have to be much more careful of where they sit, just because they are elephants.

    It’s really quite sad that the politcial process has completely lost the rational counterpoint of the opposite side. Maybe it never had it, but things seemed much more civil and open in decades past. That may very well be the fault of the left (or at least the vocal left) or the media, but much like how we got into the war… it really doesn’t matter anymore does it? The question is simply what do we do now that we are here?

    Politics always make me sad… thanks a lot Jeremy :)

    Comment by Cisco — January 23, 2006 @ 12:24:10 PM

  2. I had an Uzbek roommate in college. Even as he was one of the moneyed èlite of Uzbekistan, he brooked no ill words about Karimov. It was scary.

    Comment by Geof F. Morris — January 23, 2006 @ 4:00:37 PM

  3. Until 2005, the worst excesses of Karimov’s regime had taken place in the torture rooms of his prisons. But on May 13, he ordered a mass killing that could not be concealed. In the city of Andijan, 23 businessmen, held in prison and awaiting a verdict, were freed by their supporters, who then held an open meeting in the town square. An estimated 10,000 people gathered, expecting government officials to come and listen to their grievances. Instead, Karimov sent the army, which massacred hundreds of men, women and children. A 2003 law made Karimov and all members of his family immune from prosecution forever.

    Yes, Geof; very creepy, not being able to criticize your Soviet-placed Chief of State.

    And check out these election results: KARIMOV 91.9%, JALALOV 4.2%

    Comment by Jeremy — January 23, 2006 @ 4:20:03 PM

  4. It’s funny to me … Hurshi was willing to criticize the Soviet system—his dad owns their largest automotive concern—but not the leftover politicians. Quite strange.

    Comment by Geof F. Morris — January 23, 2006 @ 5:33:41 PM

  5. […] Parade Magazine not-so-recently came out with its Worst Dictators of 2007 list. The Editors of Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com have been eager to see it, and compare it with the 2006 list. […]

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