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January 16, 2007

Where are the Carriers? :: January 16, 2007 :: Way Forward Surge Edition

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Its been a LONG while since the last Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com Where-are-the-Carriers? Post. But with all the news about the Troop Surge, I thought I’d look up what’s going on with the mighty-mighty SuperCarrier Fleet.

Fortunately, details are not as sketchy, as Global-Security-dot-org has kept up in the past few months.

And, there was a recent announcement about the new carrier about to be built, after the George H. W. Bush. See Below!


    Google Maps (Note, Google Maps are not up to date and change on an infrequent basis. I’ve centered on where the Carrier is homeported, when available)

    USS Kitty Hawk: Foward Deployed, Homeport: Yokosuka, Japan – Western Pacific Theater – 7th Fleet

      Our only forward deployed carrier, “Battle Cat”, having just gotten some maintenance done, is now patrolling the Western Pacific Theater, and was last seen porting in Hong Kong.
      (Google Maps – Homeport)

    USS Enterprise: Post-Deployed, Homeport: Norfolk

      “Big-E” recently finished a Mediteranian deployment, and is now back in Norfolk in Post Deployment status.
      (Google Maps)

    USS John F. Kennedy: ??? – Homeport: Mayport, FL

      Where is Big John? As of this writing, her website is down.
      It is reported she will be decommissioned on Sept 30, 2007.
      And it is the same image of her at Google Maps as it was last time I was browsing there.
      (Google Maps)

    USS Nimitz: Surge Ready – Homeport: San Diego, CA

      Nimitz just completed her COMPTUEX and is prepared to surge into the Pacific if required.
      (Google Maps)

    USS Dwight D. Eisenhower: Deployed, Persian Gulf

      “IKE” began her first mission since her 3-years of Dry Dock in Newport News.

    USS Carl Vinson: Maintenance, Newport News Shipyard (Normally Bremmerton, WA)

      RCOH. After 30-years in Service, each nuclear supercarrier spends 3-years in dry dock for this process. Carl is the fourth carrier to undergo this procedure. She is expected to return in 2009.
      (Google Maps (Not obfuscated like last time)

    USS Teddy Roosevelt: Basic Training, Homeport: Norfolk

      Just out of maintenance, the “Big Stick” is building up to Surge Ready Status.
      (Google Maps)

    USS Abraham Lincoln: Maintenance – Homeport: Everett, WA

      “Abe” was put into Dry Dock last September, probably for a minor overhaul. She left dry dock ahead of schedule in December but is still in Maintenance status.
      (Google Maps she’s not in dry dock here, this is her regular berth.)

    USS George Washington: Maintenance, Homeport: Norfolk, VA

      “George” is currently in a Planned Incremental Availability, which will first take her out of commission and slowly bring her back into commission for surge ready status.

    USS John C. Stennis: Surge Ready, Homeport: Kitsap WA

      Like the Nimitz, the Stennis is ready to surge into the Pacific.

    USS Harry S. Truman: Basic Training Homeport: Norfolk, VA

      Under Going Basic Training, the Truman is probably close to being a Surge Carrier in the Atlantic.

    USS Ronald Reagan: Post-Deployed, Homeport: San Diego, CA

      “The Gipper” is back from the Persian Gulf, is in her Post-Deployment Training, and is going through Sustainment Training. This exercise prepares and gauges how fleets can re-deploy in an emergency.

    USS George H.W. Bush: Construction Newport News, Virginia

      She was christened in October, thus her name is now official.

      Due to sea in 2009 to replace Kitty Hawk or the Kennedy.
      (Old Shot of the Construction on Google Maps)

    USS Gerald R. Ford Proposed

      This was interesting news, the anticipated CVN-78 vehicle, which is a new SuperCarrier Class, and will succeed the Nimitz Class. It was proposed it would be the second U.S.S. America SuperCarrier (The first being CV-66), but it was announced by Donald Rumsfeld during Ford’s Eulogy, that CVN-78 would indeed be the U.S.S. Gerald Ford.
      It looks like the accidental President will be honored with not only an Aircraft SuperCarrier, but an entire SuperCarrier class!

      It will replace the U.S.S. Enterprise.

      Construction will begin in 2009.


  1. I toured the Abraham Lincoln. Awesome stuff.

    Comment by Laura — January 17, 2007 @ 1:53:02 PM

  2. Sadly, the only Aircraft Carrier I toured was the U.S.S. Yorktown museum outside Charleston South Carolina.

    I’d love to see a Nimitz Class Carrier up close. Especially CVN-76.

    Comment by Jeremy — January 17, 2007 @ 3:49:59 PM

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