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October 6, 2013

Windows 7

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From the "I'll-take-you-to-the-Seven-Seas-of-Rhye" Department

I hate Windows 8.
That is the end of the beginning of this post.

I abhor Windows 8.
I thought I hated Windows Vista, and I still do, but I absolutely detest Windows 8.

Don’t talk to me about Windows Me.

So my Sony VAIO (a.k.a. Bester) was dying with a lousy BSOD every other day when doing anything visual. It was running Windows Vista, and I dreaded upgrading because it took me months (MONTHS) to get Vista to be palletable. (User Account Settings suck out loud).

All my computer shopping showed me the awfulness that was Windows 8.

I helped a friend upgrade (The Nameless County Employee) to Windows 8, and I knew I didn’t want it.

To be honest, it would be great in a tablet or touchscreen environment, neither of which I want or have. So Win8 is a waste of time for me.

So I scoured Amazon-dot-com for a Win7 device. It was more expensive, but I think in the long run it will be worth it. (aside: Amazon Prime Trial == Free 2 day shipping!)

So now I’m transferring files from the Old Bester to the New Bester. Lyta here (Linix Laptop) was free so I decided to blog about it, which is what you are reading now.

(and I just witnessed the power settings… gotta fix that)

So now I’m mucking about in Win7.
I heard it was better than Vista, but at first glance I do not agree. (But I have not hacked the Registry yet).

Either way, New PC on the desk; so I had to blog about it.

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  1. Been using Vista for about 7 years now. I agree…took months to whip it into shape. Had to turn off ALL the account settings fixed to make it usable. Hasn’t been bad since and so far no crashes. Friends I know who have gone to 8 totally back up your experience.

    As for ME: I had a good experience. When I was on support for ’98 we got a copy from MS’s server (a pre-release copy) that was different from the final version. It was rock solid and powered all my old systems here for years but I got hold of one system with the release version and it was crap.

    It’s almost time for a new desktop again but I am afraid to take the plunge due to everyone’s reports on 8. Thanks for the review.

    Comment by beast1624 — October 14, 2013 @ 7:48:50 AM

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