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October 18, 2004

John Kerry vs. the polls

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From the "Oh, that's-why" Department

I can’t seem to watch the news anymore, particularly anything to do with The haughty french-looking Massachusetts democrat who, by-the-way, also served in Vietnam and his “Teen-Beat” Coverboy running mate.

I kept asking myself, how can they say such lies and untruths all the time?
They seem to be back to the “throw everything we can at Bush, even if its not true, so he has to defend himself and prove we’re wrong” tactic.

Then I read this from This isn’t writing, its typing:

In the past 10 days or so, the Kedwards campaign has:

    Accused the Bush administration of planning to reinstitute a military draft.

    Recycled the “no blood for oil” canard of the looney left.

    Alleged that the Bush administration is somehow in the pocket of the Saudi royal family.

    Told voters that, if they elect John Kerry, “people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk, get up out of that wheelchair and walk again.”

    Suggested that President Bush was planning a “January surprise” to privatize Social Security.

    Advised Democratic campaign workers to launch a “pre-emptive strike” charging voter “intimidation” on election day even if no evidence exists.

    Warned Florida voters that Republicans are “trying to keep people from voting.”

    Blamed the flu vaccine shortage on President Bush.

    Twice called attention to the fact that Mary Cheney is a lesbian.

If you didn’t know better, you might think they were getting desperate.

While this kind of language really pleases the Angry-we-hate-George-W.-Bush-Left, this is not looking good for KEdwards in the latest polls.

And no matter what legislative proof that Bush or the Republicans show, the DNC (from the top level on down) are all screaming that the sky is falling and that Bush will reinstitute the Draft.
This is getting way past the point of unbelievable, and the press is leaving it alone, and hardly challenging these rumor mongers with their “There is already a ‘back-door-draft’ in place” language and explainations.

But of course, any time a good reporter presses these accusers with a decent question, the political bottom-dwellers just spin it away, and nothing is solved.


I hope this backfires in their faces, and most Americans are as sick of this as I am.

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  1. You said, “I can’t seem to watch the news anymore…” and “I hope this backfires in their faces, and most Americans are as sick of this as I am.”

    I am so there. blech.

    Comment by Randy — October 18, 2004 @ 6:39:01 PM

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