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Jeremy R. Gilby

February 4, 2014

NFL Rule Changes

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From the "One-Omaha, Two-Omaha, Three-Omaha..." Department

Post SuperBowl, one of the topics that does not see much news is the idea of rules changes.

FYI: I never support them. Why change the most popular sport in the United States?

But alas, the Dark Cabal that controls everything, aka the NFL Media Complex, feels it is crippled and needs to adjust.

I’ve heard of one serious idea that the NFL is looking at, but I’ve concieved another, which is very likely in the wave of the Defense Clinic we saw on SuperBowl Sunday

February 3, 2014

SuperBowl IIL (XLVIII)

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From the "There-were-Singing-Vegetables, And-Chickens!" Department

Hope you are getting used to an L in your SuperBowl (we’re going to have one for 20 more years), though next years Numeral looks awesome: XLIX.

Anyways, the 48th SuperBowl was everything I wanted it to be. A Showcase on Defensive Mastery.

The Number 1, Record Setting Offense was pitted against the Number 1 Defense; This has not occurred in a long while.
The Talking Heads, as usual, were wishing to see a High Powered Offense scoring big plays.
What we got was a Clinic on Defense.

(That is MY kind of football!)

January 25, 2014

WordPress 3.8.1

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From the "Three-Point-Eight-Point-One" Department

Its been awhile, so I finally updated Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com to WordPress 3.8.1, the first maintenance release of the WordPress 3.8.1 “Parker” Build.

December 11, 2013

Football: Snow, Eagles, Lions, Wolverines, Wildcats, Bears, Vikings, Cowboys and Global Warming (Oh My!)

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From the "If-you-don't-block-you-don't-play" Department

It has been awhile since I posted about my favorite football team. (Last year was definitely not post-worthy) and this year started with disappointment, but after the Lions-Eagles SnowBowl, I was sucked into Football Fanboydom.

I loved watching that game. Even when the Eagles were losing (and losing badly) and the stats guys said the birds had a 6% chance of winning, after Jeremy Ross ran back a punt return, making the score 0-14.
So why was the game so fun to watch?

November 14, 2013

Jeremy’s Test Bar :: Fireball Manhattan

So in not so recent months, Fireball Whiskey has become the trendy liquor in most tasty-adult-beverage establishments.

Its okay. I’m a bourbon fan, and enjoy a good neat bourbon to relax with, and whiskey likewise. I tried Fireball and it tastes like its advertised. Trendy.

So I thought to myself, especially with the Holiday Season coming up, and bartenders are inventing new holiday cocktails. How could I intergrate this trendy liquor into a cocktail?

In the back of my head, the Manhattan was always looming.

October 6, 2013

Windows 7

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From the "I'll-take-you-to-the-Seven-Seas-of-Rhye" Department

I hate Windows 8.
That is the end of the beginning of this post.

I abhor Windows 8.
I thought I hated Windows Vista, and I still do, but I absolutely detest Windows 8.

Don’t talk to me about Windows Me.

September 21, 2013

Be It Ever So Humble

From the "I'm-Gonna-Make-This-Place-Your-Home" Department

For the first time in almost three weeks, I’m “home”.

For those of you who came in late, I lost my home on the night of September 3rd, 2013, due to the events described in This Article. [I'm mentioned as "The fourth roommate".] Since that night, I’ve been living out of a glorified suitcase.

Until today.

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